7 Tips to Reduce Water Wastage at Home

18th July 2019

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Taking steps to reduce water wastage and help conserve the precious resource is not just a good idea, but is also a necessary step today. Considering how more and more areas are struggling with drought today. It is so important that we take as many steps as possible to reduce water wastage.

7 Tips to Reduce Water Wastage at Home

take as many steps as possible to reduce water wastage.

Turn Off the Tap

One of the simplest ways to start conserving water and reducing its wastage at home is to turn off the tap- when you’re brushing, hand-washing utensils or doing anything else. Letting the water run isn’t a good habit – this teeny tiny change can make a huge difference.

Use a Bucket

Add a bucket into the shower cubicle when you are taking a shower. This will allow for the excess water to be collected and can be put to use for other purposes such as watering the garden, cleaning the car etc. You can also install a water-saving showerhead to conserve more water and waste less during your baths.

Fix the Leaks

This one may not seem like a big deal, but if you found out how much water waste your leakages could be contributing to, you’d be surprised. So whether you choose to DIY or hire a plumber to do the job, make sure you fix the leaks and fix them soon.

Use Full Loads

When using the washing machine or dishwasher, make sure you always use full loads- this will again, help minimize wastage and go a long way in helping you conserve water.

Water Wisely

If you have a garden that needs to be watered every day, there are a few things that you can do to reduce your water wastage and consumption there as well. First, install a water butt to your drainpipe that helps collect water from your home that can be then reused to water your plants. It is also a good idea to water your plants early in the morning or late in the evening to reduce water wastage by evaporation.

Also, you can also invest in a water sprinkler or just use a watering can instead of the hosepipe, which tends to use an excessive amount of water.

Invest in Water Saving Products

The little things that you do today will make a huge difference tomorrow. Consider investing in some products that help you save water in your home – tap aerators, low flow toilets and water sense rated dishwashers are all great if you’re trying to actively consume and use less water in your household, and minimise wastage as much as possible.

Reuse Whenever Possible

Make it a point to actively reuse water as much as you can. If you’re bathing your pet, do it on the lawn – that way, you hit two birds with one stone. If you’ve got water leftover from boiling your pasta, reuse it to cook your meals for the day. Installing a rain barrel to harvest the precious rainwater is another good idea. If you’re planning to get your car washed, get it washed at a place that uses recycled water.

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