Ways to Help Baby Feel Snuggled

15th July 2019

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When you are bringing your new baby home, all you want to do is hold them and snuggle with them. This is the perfect way to form a strong bond with your baby. As people, we love to snuggle anyway, but as babies, snuggling is needed to feel safe and secure. Babies spend nine months wrapped up tight in the womb. It is natural for them to cry when they are not being snuggled.

While snuggling with your baby might be the only thing you want to do, it isn’t always the only thing you can do. There are times that you have things you have to do, but the baby still wants to snuggle. Here are some ideas to help your baby feel snuggled even when you can be the one to offer the snuggles.

Ideas to help your baby feel snuggled

Here are some ideas to help your baby feel snuggled even when you can be the one to offer the snuggles.


One of the first things we are taught in the hospital is how to swaddle a baby. This swaddling helps the baby feel tight and secure and snuggled. So time to grab your favourite muslin cloth and swaddle your baby.

Snuggle Seat

A lot of people use the car seat, bouncy seat or swing to help their baby feel snuggled. There is actually a better way. Using a Snuggle Seat can help baby feel safe and secure but it also does other things. The Snuggle Seat not only help babies feel snuggled, but it also has other benefits…

  • Can help reduce reflux in babies
  • Reduction in the baby developing flat spots on their heads in babies
  • Babies will feel snuggled and comfortable while being safe and secure

The benefits of having a space that is safe and secure for the baby that also makes her feel snuggled is that mum can get a shower, make something to eat, or just have a few minutes without a baby in her arms. It can also help mum get in a nap when the baby is sleeping in the Snuggle Seat.

Special Blanket or stuffie

Some babies respond well to having a special blanket or stuffed animal. Although be sure to have the baby in your line of sight when using these. A trick some parents use is to let the baby have these things while falling asleep and then remove them from the crib or sleeping area once they have fallen asleep.

Sleep Positioner

Some babies like the feeling of being snuggled because they like being on their side and they like the pressure on each side. Be sure to check the safety regulations on these depending on the brands/type you purchase as some are not suitable for use overnight.

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