3 Good Reasons To Book A Winter Beach Holiday

28th January 2019

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What is a winter beach holiday? It’s simple. It’s about booking a holiday by a beach location in winter. For most holidaymakers, beach vacations mean bikini, cocktails in an empty coconut shell and suntan. In reality, you don’t need to fly to tropical destinations to make the most of your outdoor break. Indeed, contrary to common belief, winter is the best time of the year to walk along the beautiful beaches of the United Kingdom.

For a start, the presence of water is naturally soothing to the human mind. It’s no wonder that meditation centres choose indoor fountains as their primary decor; the sound of water is relaxing. Being surrounded by water can dramatically affect your sensitivity to stress, helping you to leave the pressure of work and urban life pace behind you for the time of your holiday. You don’t need to swim into the sea to benefit from its positive features.

Why Book A Winter Beach Holiday?

Beaches are only good for summer? WRONG

First of all, it’s essential to tackle a common cliché; namely that you can’t go to the beach during the cold seasons. In reality, while there are plenty of tantalising sunny beach vacations all around the world, it would be foolish to assume that you can’t get anything from going to a UK-based beach in January or February. Indeed, their open position provides beaches with plenty of fresh air. For anybody who lives in town, it’s enough to clear both your mind and your lungs! As we, as a civilisation, tend to stay at home during the colder months, we can feel cranky and weakened by the reduced quality of our indoor air. There’s nothing like standing on a sandy beach and inhaling the fresh breeze to empty your head!

Change your horizon, away from the grey urban sky

Everything is so grey in winter. The town turns into a grey labyrinth of streets and cars. There’s a sense of urban monotony that can drag your mood down. While it’s fair to say that the sea might not be bright blue in the middle of winter, a ride along the coast in a sports utility vehicle or a 4×4 – check these used Mercedes Benz gle if you are looking for a beach-friendly family car – offers a palette of colours and sensations. White waves form on top of the surface. The clouds can reflect in the water. Every now and then, weeds appear in between the sand and the rocks. Each rock that stands out of the water is covered in moss and shines under the sun where the salt water has polished it. Sure, it might not be a tropical island, but it’s enough to fight the urban monotony.

Perfect family time at a fraction of the cost

Cottage rentals can be expensive, especially if you want to sleep directly by the beach. However, in winter, you’ll find that most holiday homes offer competitive prices to bring the family together for a short break. Use your beach holiday as a pause button in your hectic life and rediscover the joys of togetherness.

Pack your wellies and your warm socks, now’s the best time to take the kids for a weekend getaway by the beach. Fresh air. New colours. And plenty of new memories to make together. What’s not to like?

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