How to save money on Xbox Live, Games and Digital Downloads

22nd January 2019

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Christmas just passed and many families are enjoying the new gifts they received this year. Whether it was a favourite toy, one of the hottest gifts on the market or a new gaming system, the fun comes after Christmas when you get to enjoy the gifts.

One of the hottest, most asked for Christmas presents, from kids to teens to adults is a new Xbox One. Gaming systems are always a hot present. By the time you have bought the Xbox One and a few games, the price tag can be rather high. There is a way to save money.

Xbox Live

For many games, if you want to play online with another person, someone who isn’t sitting next to you, you will need Xbox Live. Xbox Live gives you access to online gaming, digital content and something free games, as well as lets you watch YouTube and other streaming features. Without the Xbox Live account, you can not do these things. Xbox Live can be purchased monthly or for a year at a time. If you are looking for cheap Xbox live gold codes you can save even more money.

Buy Used Games

Oftentimes, people buy a game and once they have beaten it, they are done with it. They take to a gaming store where the store will give them store credit. The game is then resold to someone new for a much lower price tag. These games are often guaranteed to work and it is a great way to try a new game and save money. When games retail for at least £50 when they are new, this can be huge savings. These savings can then be used to buy more games.

Digital Downloads

While most digital downloads are a little less than the physical games, these downloads can still be pricey. That is why it is a great idea to find ways to save money on an Xbox One game download. There are often free trials that allow you to play a few levels of a game. There are also inexpensive games that are not in the hottest demand. You won’t find Minecraft at a discounted cost, but many games like Q-Bert and other non-hot games can be bought for under $10. These are fun games they just are not what is trending right now.

Whether you got a new Xbox One gaming system or you have had one for a while and just want to save money, using these tips can help you save money while still having fun.

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