How to organise a Christmas party

How to organise a Christmas party

7th December 2023

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Christmas is such a special time of the year for so many and as a family, you may have your own specific traditions that you embrace. It might be the elf on the shelf for your children, advent calendars, decorating your trees in a particular way, or decorating the outside of your home. You might also hold an annual Christmas party for your nearest and dearest to come together and toast the festive season.

However, if you don’t usually organise a Christmas party but think that this year could be the ideal time, then how do you go about making it a success? Without further ado, here is everything you need to know to help you organise a Christmas party. 

How to Organise a Christmas party in 7 steps

organise a Christmas party

Choose a date and a possible location

One of the first things you need to do would be to choose a date and a possible location for your Christmas party. Most family parties will happen in the home, but if you have a particularly large family and hoping to get everyone together, then a Square Meal private dining venue could be an option. However, if you do need a venue make sure you consider booking it sooner rather than later. You also need to consider the date and ensure that it isn’t too close to Christmas but close enough for you all to embrace the festive season. Any date in December will likely work. 

Think about the drinks 

The drinks are quite an integral part of the party and while you may get the usual drinks in such as wine, spirits, and beers, as well as plenty of soft drinks, you might also want to consider other options. A glass of champagne can feel very festive at this time of the year. You could also look at a Christmas cocktail and serve up some speciality drinks. If you have the budget having a specialist mixologist could be a great addition to the party. 

What about the food?

The food is also such an integral part of any party, so you will want to think about having an option for food during the evening party. An easy option would be to have some sort of buffet, which could be warm or cold. Sandwiches and nibbles will always go down well. If you want to serve something hot then big batches of curries, chillis, and pies can also be very well received. You could also create some form of a festive menu as well. Doing it yourself is one option but an outside cater could work out quite reasonable and take the added pressure away. 

organise a Christmas party

The guest list

Another thing to think about would be the guest list. Take some time to consider who you might want to invite. It might be just family, or you may want to include some friends as well. The sooner you realise who you want to invite you need to get them invited. This is because so much happens around Christmas time and with work parties and other family commitments you will want to ensure that everyone you want to come to your party can actually make it. 

Decorate your home 

One of the fun parts of any Christmas party would be decorating your home. This can be such a fun way to transform your home or the venue into a winter wonderland. Christmas trees, twinkly Christmas indoor lights, and plenty of festive cheer all around. You might want to consider a theme to help you with your decorating such as a colour scheme. This can help you to remain to be consistent and ensure that the whole space flows and looks incredible. 

To dig deeper into creative ideas, consider inflatable decorations, which have become increasingly popular in recent years. Christmas blow up inflatables of any shape and size, from traditional Santas and snowmen to more non-traditional designs like reindeer and Christmas trees can be placed in yards, on porches, or even indoors. One of the benefits of blow-up inflatables is that they are relatively easy to set up and take down.

They can also be reused year after year, making them a cost-effective holiday decoration. Inflatable decorations are also durable and weather resistant, so they can withstand the elements if they are placed outdoors. Whether you are looking for a festive addition to your yard or an eye-catching display indoors, these ideas are a great option.

Give people plenty of notice 

The sooner you invite people, the more chance you have of people being able to make your party. Christmas is a time where many people have lots of commitments. Things such as other parties, lunches with family and friends and also events they may have organised with their children. The sooner you get your invites out, the better. A quick way to do this is to set up a WhatsApp group or use Facebook to create a group or page where you can keep everyone updated. This is a modern way of doing things, but you will get quicker numbers. 

organise a Christmas party

Games and entertainment 

Finally, you might want to think about entertainment and games during the party and evening. Music will always go down well and whether you have a Christmas playlist running in the background or have a DJ encouraging people to dance and have some fun, it will always be well received. You could also think about Christmas games if your party is a little more intimate. Props are also great to have around so people can take some funny pictures to commemorate the party. Have some fun with it. 

Hopefully, these tips will help you to organise a Christmas party that your family and friends will love.