Tips to make the most of family travel when you have kids under 3

25th June 2021

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Some people think that travelling with kids under 3 is not the best idea. But we actually don’t agree. Your toddlers are not a reason to stay home and miss out on all the fun things in life. Why not enjoy a Family Travel with them so that they can learn to love to travel just as much as you?

It is not only possible to travel as a family with younger kids, but it’s also quite exciting. You’ll be able to see things and explore things together that you never thought possible. And just think about all the things that you can show your children about the world! Open their eyes to see just how big and beautiful the world is while they’re young so they’ll grow up to want to keep exploring as well. 

We’ve put together some tips to make the most of your trip when you have kids under 3. We are certain our advice is going to prove useful for your next vacation.

Tips to make the most of travelling when you have kids under the age of 3

While these aren’t all the helpful tips out there, these are some of the main ones to remember. They work well for us and hopefully they’ll work well for you, too! 

travelling with kids under 3

Ask for cribs

Make certain to book at places that suit your needs. If you have a second child, then you may want to have a third bed to let each of your kids’ rest in their own peace. Some hotels will provide you with a crib or travel cot so make certain to ask if they have any. That could be the extra bed you were longing for and oftentimes, it’s easy for them to accommodate. 

A crib usually will not cost you more money. At most lodgings they are complementary but hotels do only have a limited amount on hand. Few people ask for it, so you have huge chances to get it. Just check before you make your reservation if there is a crib available at your chosen hotel. You might just be able to reserve it before you even arrive. 

Take advantage of discounts for children

In some places, toddlers don’t cost anything extra! This is a great opportunity to get to know the local attractions. You’ll find that in most places, there is a children policy in which minors under 3 will not pay, and children under 12 pay a special price, The fee is typically smaller than the regular fee and this is an excellent chance for some savings.

Lap seating

Another great way to save some money while you travel with kids under 3 is lap seating. In certain transportation services, like aeroplanes, lap seating is a great way to save you a full ticket price. If you are buying your transportation services in advance, check first if it is possible and what are the restrictions. 

Some companies set the lap seating age to up to 2 years old, while others set it at 3. If you have checked before, you can rest assured that the policy applies to your child but it never hurts to verify and check again. 

travelling with kids under 3

Enjoy the journey

Don’t forget to enjoy the journey on your next Family Travel. Not everything is hunky-dory, but the issues will pass soon. All you are left with are the good things and you’ll be making plenty of wonderful memories for everyone in the family to have for a lifetime. 

Stop worrying… your kids under 3 will enjoy the trip as long as you do it too. And that’s honestly what it’s all about. Family travel is a great way to unwind and relax and just “be” together enjoying anything that comes along the way. 

Do you have any other great tips for family travel with younger children? 

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