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Most difficult stains from the last 20 years

31st December 2021

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Stubborn stains in households across the country have been a nuisance for Brits for generations. From purple, sticky Vimto in 2000, to pink blemishes from the (in)famous Tequila Rose in 2021.

As 2021 draws to a close, cleaning and laundry legend, Dr. Beckmann has identified the most popular stains that have dominated the last two decades in honour of its new product set to launch in the new year – Dr. Beckmann’s Upholstery Stain Remover.

Designed to remove stains effectively and easily from indoor and outdoor upholstered furniture, Dr. Beckmann’s Upholstery Stain Remover features a 2 in 1 sponge brush that tackles and removes stains and odours first time around, suitable for mattresses, cars, and all other upholstery – you name it, it’ll clean it!

Two decades of dirty stains

2000 – Vimto

Although loved by the nation for years, the delicious drink hasn’t always been so enjoyable. One wrong move and the vivid colour of Vimto could ruin a carpet. Dabbing the affected area with a damp cloth and then tackling with Dr. Beckmann’s Carpet Stain Remover is best to ensure all evidence is removed.

2001 – Kinder Bueno

The UK has always been a chocolate-loving nation, and 2001 was no exception. Kinder Bueno was the Brits’ sweet treat of choice in the early noughties following its launch in 2001, meaning it was also one of the trickiest stains to remove.

2002 – Choc Ice

This retro snack made a comeback in 2002, as the freezers of the UK were filled with the delicious dessert. Chocolate has always been a difficult stain to tackle, luckily there are trusty stain removers on hand to make the job easier.

2003 – Body Glitter

A beauty product loved by pop princesses around the world, body glitter was a staple for anyone into pop culture during this time. Inspired by the likes of Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez, the iridescent body glitter looked far nicer on than it did on carpets or upholstery.

2004 – Pink Wednesdays

Who can forget the iconic release of teen comedy blockbuster hit Mean Girls, which saw teenagers immerse themselves in the film’s culture. The quote “On Wednesdays we wear pink” became a staple saying throughout teenager’s vocabulary to the point, where people followed this mantra. However, when it comes to washing your favourite pink outfit, make sure to use a colour collector such as Dr. Beckmann’s Reusable Colour Collector Cloth to ensure those bright pink colours don’t run and transfer to your other laundry.

2005 – Coca Cola Zero

Launching in 2005, the new addition to the Coca Cola family become hugely popular, due to it being zero-calorie and sugar-free yet keeping Coca-Cola’s original taste. However, once spilt it can still be a nightmare to clean, so make sure you have a dedicated stain remover in the cupboard ready and waiting.

2006 – Gel Pens

A pencil case full of gel pens was a necessity for any child at school during the early noughties. With colours ranging from greens to purples, and smells ranging from apple to orange, gel pens were perfect for making a mark – everywhere.

2007 – Blue WKD

One of the best-known alco-pops, remembered for its vivid blue colour and sweet taste. After one too many, spills were inevitable. Luckily, any lasting stains were unlikely, thanks to Dr. Beckmann’s extensive product range.  

2008 – Tipp-ex

Another pencil case staple, this iconic Tipp-ex correction fluid is ironically well-known for causing some of the most hard-to-remove stains – at least it does the job!

2009 – Bubble gum

The varied flavours of this chewy treat have made it one of the most recognised sweets around the world, but its sticky qualities make it a nightmare to remove! Always wait for the gum to dry before removing, place a few ice cubes over the affected area and scrape away the remaining gum.

2010 – Blue Slush Puppy

Famed for its sweet taste and ability to cause instant brain freeze, Slush Puppies were a firm favourite for many. As ever, the blue flavouring made any Slush Puppy stains difficult to tackle.

2011 – Fake Tan

With the launch of the hit reality show ‘The Only Way is Essex’, came the fake tan obsession that is still prevalent today. Whether it’s for a gradual glow or an instant fix, fake tan is known for causing some of the worst stains, especially on furniture.

2012 – Cosmopolitan Cocktail

A firm favourite of any Sex and the City lover, the drink adored by Carrie Bradshaw herself has been chosen by many ardent fans as their drink of choice. No doubt many interesting tales can be told after one or two Cosmopolitans.

2013 – Oreo Ice Cream

A dangerous but delicious combination, these two tasty treats are known for causing some of the worst stains. If you become victim to an ice cream spillage, use a clean white cloth and sponge the stain with a detergent solution, and finish by washing on a hot cycle.

2014 – Long Island Iced Tea

A delicious or deadly mix of vodka, tequila, light rum, triple sec and gin, one thing is for sure, this concoction of spirits and flavours can leave one of the toughest stains to remove. If spilt on your clothing, the intensive Dr. Beckmann’s Stain Remover Oxi-Power Caps will produce the best results.

2015 – Jäger

An age-old spirit that warms the soul. The strength of this spirit is reflected in its staining properties, as one wrong move with this beverage can ruin your carpet or upholstery. Make sure you have a dedicated stain remover in the cupboard ready for those house parties.  

2016 – Nutella

A staple on toast, pancakes, Nutella cookies or simply from the jar with a spoon – Nutella is a sweet chocolate treat is loved by many for its sweet taste and silky texture. If you experience an accidental spill, rinse the affected area under warm water and scrub lightly, then apply a dedicated stain tackler.  

2017 – Espresso Martini

Loved for its perfect balance between coffee and a cocktail, the Espresso Martini was welcomed back onto the bar scene, although a few too many sips of this delicious drink can often cause a nasty stain. Tackle the stain as fast as possible by flushing it with cold water, then dab with a stain remover such as Dr. Beckmann’s Stain Devils Fruit & Drink to lift the stain easily.

2018 – Mud

The summer when football (almost) came home, BBQs in the garden and football in the park meant mud was frequently trodden throughout the home. Resist the temptation to wipe at the stain, let it dry and then scrape off the dried dirt, before washing the clothes as normal.

2019 – Hummus

As the iconic Phoebe Buffay once said, “WHAT GETS OUT HUMMUS?!”. The Friends character is not the only lover of this delicious dip. Take extra care when enjoying hummus, as the blended ingredients of tahini and lemon juice can leave a lasting stain that is near impossible to remove.  

2020 – Oat Milk Flat White Coffee

An Instagrammable favourite loved by millennials across the world, but unfortunately, the stains it can leave aren’t so enjoyable. Be sure to act fast with any coffee stains, rinse with warm water and rub with detergent before washing on a hot cycle.

2021 – Tequila Rose

Blurring the boundaries of strawberry milkshake and tequila, this delicious spirit became a favourite with partygoers across the nation in 2021. Try to avoid any spills with this one, as the troublesome stains will make the hangover so much worse. If you spill any of the signature pink drink on your upholstery, make sure to have Dr. Beckmann’s brand-new Upholstery Stain Remover in the cupboard ready and waiting!

Dr. Beckmann Stains

Dr. Beckmann to the rescue!

Dr. Beckmann spokesperson, Susan Fermor said: “It’s always interesting to look back over the years and see how the habits, interests and tastes of the nation have changed over time. Certain products like chocolate, coffee and sweets will always be loved, but the mess that is often left behind is not so lovable. Dr. Beckmann has been trusted for decades, ensuring that people can enjoy themselves without having to worry about any unexpected spills or stains, and we’ll continue to do so for the next twenty years and beyond.

Check out Dr. Beckmann’s product range to help tackle your stubborn stains here: https://www.dr-beckmann.co.uk/