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12-month cleaning calendar | August – Fab-loo-ous toilet treatment

1st August 2022

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There is one job on the cleaning rota that many of us don’t enjoy doing and that is the bathroom, and probably specifically the toilet. Who wants to get on their hands and knees and clean the toilet knowing exactly what goes on there? Especially if you have children. So while it isn’t the most pleasant job to do it is actually one of the most important cleaning jobs in your schedule. This is because it can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

So I wanted to share with you some of the main reasons why you need to keep on top of your bathroom, and more especially the toilet, and share some tips along the way to make easy work of it. 

Find the right products

One of the first things you need to do is think about the sort of products you need. For a general bathroom clean you might focus on a multi-purpose spray, however, if you want to give specific areas a deep clean then there may be more focused products you can buy that will help do the job. For the toilet, you might want to consider using Dr. Beckmann’s power-foaming toilet cleaner. You can watch as the foam fizzes up to a mountain of fresh cleaning fun!

12-month cleaning calendar | August - Fab-loo-ous toilet treatment - crop person cleaning toilet seat with sponge
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Don’t forget when looking for cleaning products you can check out Dr. Beckmann’s product range to help spruce up your homes this year. You can also buy specific bath and sink cleaners, or even ones that will focus on the faucets to get rid of nasty limescale. These are all problem areas that once focused on will help you to keep on top of it moving forward. 

Why should you focus on the toilet?

While we know that a clean bathroom is important, there are a few reasons why focusing on the toilet and making time to give it a deep clean is essential:

  • The toilet is a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, so if you don’t keep on top of it these can lurk and spread amongst your whole home. 
  • The different germs can cause normal sickness as well as headache and flu-like symptoms. 
  • If your household is ill or there is anyone in particular who is sick, it is important to keep your toilet clean as much as possible. This will help you to ensure that nothing spreads around your home. 

Tips to make cleaning the toilet easier going forward

If you want to ensure that it doesn’t feel like too much of a big job, then cleaning your toilet more often will help you make light work of it moving forward. Keep a toilet brush to hand and some toilet cleaner. Doing this every few days removes any build-up of limescale that can sit just under the rim of the toilet bowl. When you are doing your usual bathroom clean, make sure you don’t leave the toilet out. A regular wipe around the seat can ensure that germs don’t fester. 

12-month cleaning calendar | August - Fab-loo-ous toilet treatment - faceless person removing water from mirror

Where else should you focus your attention in the bathroom?

There are a couple of other areas in your bathroom that will likely need a deep clean more often than you are doping. The sink could be one of them. You may regularly wipe inside of the sink bowl but when was the last time you whipped around the outside of the bowl and also the sink stand? If you have a vanity unit then cleaning inside the cupboards is also important. The bath might get washed out more often, but spend time spraying cleaner onto the top edges as this can be an area that gathers dust.

There are also hidden areas in the bathroom such as under the bath, the window sills, etc. We can often overlook these areas but focusing on them this month gives you a great start to keeping on top of it in the future. 

Hopefully, this will inspire you to deep clean your toilet and bathroom. 

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