How to create classy Christmas windows

22nd November 2018

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There’s nothing more Christmassy than a window that’s beautifully adorned with all things tinselling for the most sparkly season of all. As soon as the first house in the town puts up their Christmas decorations – even if you might resist it – that air feels that little bit more magical.

While you might not want to have an all flashing, all swinging, display of Christmas items in your windows, that it isn’t to say there aren’t chicly discreet ways of sprucing them up with seasonal shimmer.

How to decorate your windows this Christmas

Add a Christmas Wreath

One of the easiest and arguably classiest ways to do this, in my humble opinion, is to match your windows to a Christmas wreath. If you usually hang a wreath on your door which features an abundance of berries and fruit along with evergreen leaves and spruces, take a look online for an outdoor garland.

Rather than sitting inside of your windows, outdoor garlands tend to run outside, above its upper frame. Choose one with all-weather clear lighting, so it draws attention to the feature, and any beautiful display you’ve arranged inside your home on your windowpane.

Not just tree decorations

Christmas doesn’t have to mean flashing Santas and LED chimneys. Rather, consider candelabras, pillar candles, twinkling lights, nestled within pine branches. Baubles aren’t merely for trees, either. Hung on scattered lengths of opaque ribbons, it can make for an attractive and original window display.

Don’t overlook your conservatory area, either. A fab place for a second, smaller Christmas tree, which can be seen from outdoors if you do enjoy New Years’ fireworks or your Christmas gatherings do tend to make their way to this area of the home.

Simple and classic

Sometimes simple works well, too. While it’s tempting to go for lashing of colour, pillar box red and glitzy golds over Christmas, stripping things back is bang on-trend right now. Adorn evergreens with clear, still fairy lights, and add an assortment of white snowy flowers around the home.

If you’re part of the #hincharmy, then this will look ever so well with the endless shades of grey that are appearing in homes up and down the country. Teamed with soft silver, your windows will look simply stunning. Perhaps even lay a small tier of colour-themed wrapped gifts in the corner of your conservatory, too. Perfect.

How do you dress your windows for Christmas? 

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