A Few Favourite Things – Honestly Wonderful

14th July 2017

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Welcome back to my A Few Favourite Things series.  This week I have Aarti from Honestly Wonderful showcasing her favourite things. Take a look at her wonderful interior design posts for home inspirational ideas.

A Few Favourite Things – Honestly Wonderful

My name is Aarti Popat, I blog at Honestly Wonderful and I am a wife to Mr P and Mummy to Baby P who is 4 months shy of being 2 years old (names as referred to in my blog).

A Few Favourite Things - Honestly Wonderful

I am an Interior Designer, Stylist and Lifestyle Blogger creating innovative interiors and styling spaces in creative, eclectic ways and have worked over a decade in the industry designing spaces across residential, hospitality and retail interiors for a range of clients internationally.

Aside from all things creative my main passion lies in travel and culture. I enjoy visiting new places and immersing myself in the local traditions, rites, and rituals. I have travelled extensively and find that it influences my work and aesthetic. In parallel with interior design, I blog and have a keen interest in photography, branding, and styling.

Honestly Wonderful is a blog about Interior Design, Trends, Lifestyle, Design Inspiration, and Travel.

Favourite room in your home

This is the place to relax, chill out and unwind after a hard day running here there and everywhere. I design all sorts of spaces for my clients, but for me, it is essential that my living room is a soft, cosy and unpretentious space. I like guests to feel immediately at ease and able to be themselves.

I have soft but minimal sofas, a few lamps to set different moods and my ‘piece de resistance’ that I cannot live without my Ercol Pebbles; a nest of tables. I have to have carpet although I do love a nice hardwood floor with a soft rug and lots and lots of trendy, random, eclectic cushions which change on an almost daily basis!

Favourite trend

I would say that I am a lover of the Scandinavian look; however because of the nature of my work and my extensive travels I have a collection of quirky accessories, vintage and cultured furniture, mirrors and display pieces that switch the look of my home instantly. You could say I often mix designer furniture with vintage pieces I find at markets or on my many trips abroad.

Favourite thing you own

I love my Ercol Pebbles (it was a treat to myself!) but other than that I feel that my personal space is made up of layers of items that I have accumulated throughout the years each with different levels of history and stories behind each piece.

A Few Favourite Things - Honestly Wonderful

Favourite colour

My favourite colour is electric blue – do you want the Pantone reference? Ironically, thinking about it, I have no items in my home of this colour at all, isn’t that funny?!

Favourite season

I really like the transitional period going from winter into spring (like we are now) but I love the summer, it’s just so much brighter the world seems more optimistic and everyone is happier. I don’t think I really change my home based on seasons, it’s more on mood and the look changes based on how trends may work and fit into my home as it is, if I feel they don’t work, they don’t go in even if everyone is raving about them!

Favourite about where you live

The area I live in feels free, it’s friendly and inviting and there are lots of my favourite restaurants nearby as well as nice parks and outdoor spaces that we enjoy going to (I would love to live near the sea!).

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