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Your Home Can Be A Reflection Of You: Here’s How

30th June 2023

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We all can take a great deal of time when it comes to looking after ourselves or presenting ourselves in the very best light. Taking the time to put outfits together, investing in the right trends, the right colours and the right looks. We spend time putting our makeup on, making sure we have full coverage on our base, enhancing our eyes with the right colours, and making sure that we look and feel our best. However, this sort of attitude to our personal beauty can resonate with home interiors as well. 

Your home is a piece of you

Maybe you have a property right now, maybe it’s something you want to do in the future. But decorating a home could be something you are doing or plan to do, and there is much that can be said in regards to your own personal attitude to beauty and how you can implement some of that into your home. You may be wondering how? After all, you can’t give your home a makeover and then wipe it away if you go wrong with the eyeliner or smudge your mascara to start again.

What you do in your home can be permanent, or certainly, take some doing to get it back to the beginning again. However, a good full face of coverage could resonate with having smooth and plastered walls in your home. The right on-trend colour scheme for your face and outfits could be resonated in your living spaces. Fifty Shades of Grey, anyone? 

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Find your inspiration

While you may find that you look for inspiration on the red carpet or in fashion shows, you can equally find inspiration for home interiors online through articles from Pinterest that can help with how certain ideas you may have could turn into reality into a home.

Sometimes you might be looking for a contemporary house design and how you can extend your home to suit your needs. It helps to see things in front of you, much like it can when you are putting outfits together or trying out a new smokey eye palette

Attention to detail

Your attention to detail could also work. You may spend time pouring over the right clothes to wear, the right makeup to use, and even the tools you use to create your look such as investing in the right makeup brushes or even styling your hair in the right way. This can be resonated into your home by having the proper tools in place to create the exact interior look you want to achieve.

It might be that you invest in companies to take on some of the work you want to do. Maybe the dream is to have a roll-top bath in your bathroom, a walk-in wardrobe very Carrie-Esque from Sex and the City. It might be to have people in to make your new home more sociable by creating an open-plan living. Your home is another extension of your personality, much like your, clothing style and how you look. 

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When the time is right to decorate your new home, make sure you always look inside at your own personality and beauty traits. It is, after all, the best reflection of who you are, and your home should be another representation of that.