Getting Organised: How To Make Over Your wardrobe

1st February 2021

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If you’re looking for a few simple tips on getting your wardrobe organised, you’re in luck. In a short time, you’ll have a spot for everything perfectly in your wardrobe. 

Imagine how great it would be to open your wardrobe and find what you need without going on a hunting adventure? You can waste a lot of time and become frustrated when getting dressed involves a search-and-rescue mission for matching shoes, clothes and accessories. The steps to acquiring and maintaining an organised wardrobe are simple.

A quick way for getting your wardrobe organised

The first step begins with removing everything from the wardrobe. Create three categories for the items you take out of the wardrobe. In one area, toss everything that is beyond the stage of repairing or re-purposing. These items are to be thrown away. 

In another area, place all the clothes, shoes and accessories that you can’t — or don’t — wear. You can donate these items to a local charity. 

In a separate area, place the items you intend to use put back in the wardrobe. This step will make it easier to create an efficiently organised wardrobe.

How To Make Over Your wardrobe

Choosing the organisational method you want is a personal process. You can use some of the following suggestions as a springboard to get your creativity flowing.

getting your wardrobe organised


Shoes can be stored in clear plastic boxes that you neatly stack in the wardrobe. These boxes can be placed between racks for hanging clothes or against a sidewall of the wardrobe. A couple of appropriately tall stacks of shoes can actually serve as a base for a storage shelf. Shoe racks are also an option.

The main thing is to keep them off the floor and in a small space that is out of the way. 


Installing racks for various types of clothing will certainly help you achieve the organisation. You may choose to create specific groupings of pants, shirts, dresses and skirts so that you can mix and match items. As an alternative, you could hang complete ensembles together so that all you have to do is reach in and remove one grouping to have all you need for the day. Another option is to coordinate clothing by colour as well. 

Take advantage of all your space by storing out-of-season clothing in boxes on shelves placed near the top of the wardrobe. You might also want to designate a specific area to hang some seasonal items so that they do not distract you when choosing an outfit.

If you have clothing that you just can’t seem to get rid of even though you don’t use them, set them on a shelf out of the way as well. That way they aren’t taking up any space that you need for the clothes that you do where. 


A tall, slender jewellery chest could be placed in the wardrobe. If your wardrobe is not large enough for that, you could designate a section of the wardrobe wall for hooks to hang jewellery and place a jewellery box on a shelf for small items. Hooks are also a convenient way to organise handbags and to hang a collection of belts.

A rolling or stationary cabinet with clear drawers can be used to organise personal items and accessories such as gloves and scarves. Tie racks are very helpful in the organisational process.

The hardest things to keep organised in your wardrobe are accessories since they’re all different sizes and shapes. Figuring out a way to keep them organised and on point will help your wardrobe area so much. 

Depending on your personal situation, it may take a while to get your wardrobe organised. However, you will be very pleased with the results. Stick to your organisational plan so that your effort pays off for a long time.

As you adjust your wardrobe and accessories each season, it is probably necessary to remove and donate the items you have not worn for a year or so — or don’t plan to wear again. This will keep your wardrobe from becoming overcrowded and chaotic.

The more that you pay attention to your wardrobe, the better off it will be. Do a sweet through of your wardrobe every couple of months so you can see what you have and what you no longer need at that point in time. 

Do you have any other wardrobe organisation tips to share? 

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