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Unique and personal ways to ensure your houseplants enliven your home

9th November 2020

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We often hear about the importance of houseplants in our homes and what they can do for our physical and mental well-being. After filling our homes over lockdown with more greenery than ever before, we have come to realise the importance of bringing the outdoors in. Many of us have also found a new appreciation for our homes, having been used in new ways.  We have had to find more flexibility and interest in the smallest of rooms to enable us to work, to study and, even find space from one another. 

At Circamakes, we have been inspired by this and have created bespoke furniture and customised products that can enhance our homes and our greenery in a unique and personal way.

Circa houseplants storage boxes

Circa storage boxes

As we all know, no two plants are the same. Some specialist house plants require different care, which is why you often do not see house plants planted together in one pot. However, It is possible to create more distinctive and impactful displays with houseplants grouped together. 

Circa storage boxes provide an interesting alternative to the standalone decorative plant stand. They are flatpack and are made from FSC certified birch plywood with a grey valchromat base. Once the storage boxes are assembled, potted houseplants can then be arranged in the top tier creating a unique raised indoor sanctuary. This will also add a more personal touch to your home as you choose plants with different colours and shapes that work well together for your space. Remember the odd number rule, grouping them in threes or fives. Trailing plants would also work well here.  The trick is finding combinations of plants that work well together in the space they are inhabiting.

Every composition is personal and chosen by you to fit your space. The storage boxes underneath make useful storage for magazines, tv remote controls, and even children’s toys. Alternatively, you could try using smaller potted plants or succulents placed alongside other decorative objects such as pictures, candles, coasters for your favourite cup of tea to create a unique side table. Houseplants can then be removed easily to water them or rearranged with other houseplants to create a new unique indoor plant stand.

Circa houseplants stand

Circa plant stand

Alternatively, if you are looking to create a simple focal point, then the unique circa plant stand will be perfect for you. The plant stand will adapt to many different spaces such as your home office, kitchen, living room, and bathroom and help maximise every corner of the room.

It also comes as a flat pack kit contains one adjustable metal plate and three legs made from FSC certified birch plywood. The three-legged design is extremely sturdy and easily changeable to suit your plant pot size. The stand is adjustable to fit the following pot sizes 23cm, 25cm and 28cm, so it can grow with your house plant if you want it too. It also offers two different heights so you can pull plants closer to a seating area or let your plants reach new heights in the corner of a room. 

So, remember it’s not always about the type of house plant alone. Consideration for how the plant stand or pot fits within your space will raise your plant game! 

Circa houseplants stand

About Circamakes

Circamakes is a family-run workshop producing Scandinavian-inspired bespoke furniture and homeware from responsible and sustainable materials. Each customisable piece is designed by us and delivered directly to you, from one family to another.

Circamakes products are easy to assemble.  No screws, glue or tools required.

Win a Circa plant stand

To help you introduce some greenery into your home and helping you understand the importance of houseplants, we are lucky enough to have a Circa plant stand to giveaway.

Prize: Circa plant stand (winner to select the finish, please note plant and pot are not included)

To enter simply complete the Gleam widget below, all entries are optional and each one completed will gain you more entries into the random draw.

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