Top five ideas for re-using old glass bottles and jars

12th February 2018

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With the upcycling trend gaining momentum, Bosch Home and Garden have been examining the humble glass bottle and jar and clever ways they can be saved from the recycling bin. Here are our top five ideas:

Gift Jars

Personalised gift jars are really popular right now and are a good way to re-use larger glass jars. Get the kids involved – they will love filling them with biscuits, sweets or chocolates and decorating with googly eyes and pipe cleaners to create faces. Or why not theme a jar and create a ‘fund’ pot for a holiday, wedding or other special occasion using old maps, or sheet music to wrap around them? A really low-cost option for a thoughtful gift.


Bottles can make fantastic alternative bookends for your home. Remove the labels so you have a plain and clean surface to work with and bring out your glue gun to accessorise and re-design your bottles. Adding foil, felt and additional decorations will provide texture and style to your new bookends, or keep it simple with ribbons or twine. Make sure you fill them to weigh them down, and if you don’t fancy decorating your bottles filling them with shells, sand or stones instead can provide a striking effect.

Plant pots or vases

Jars don’t have to just be upcycled for the home – they can be useful for you garden too and make fantastic new plant pots in your outside space. Remove all labels and decorate with garden paint as you see fit – don’t be afraid to let your creative juices flow! You could also take this one step further by carefully attaching your new plant pots to a wall, experimenting with how the pots are positioned for a creative finish. Or, just simply use them as vases for flowers picked fresh from the garden.

Individual cupcake holders

You’ve just made some cupcakes and would love to give one to a friend, but you’re not sure how to get it to them in one piece. Look no further, as an empty jar turned upside down is the perfect solution! Providing the top of the jar fits over the cupcake, pop the cake on the lid and screw the jar around to seal. Tie some pretty ribbon or string around the jar and add a label to complete your upcycled item.

A new light

Using a glass bottle can be a simple way of creating a brand new light feature for your home – you could adapt one to make an eye-catching light fitting on the ceiling. Or, try creating your own table lamp. Different coloured bottles can produce lovely effects. If you want to keep it simple, simply fill a bottle with battery operated fairy lights and watch it sparkle!

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