Let go of the January blues and focus on the year ahead - crop woman writing notes while sitting at home

January is Over: Now It Is Time To Focus

3rd February 2023

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It feels like we are well into the new year by now, and often that can mean that we are starting to flag after that new year’s rise in motivation and inspiration. January does present that golden opportunity of a fresh start but now that it is over, we can often feel at a bit of a loss as to what to do next.

January is your chance to implement changes to a routine with children, start something new with the family, or your personal self-care and development. However, you may be feeling like you have come crashing back down to earth with a big thud now that the longest month of the year with how it feels is over. 

Sometimes we need to readdress the changes we wanted to make and start looking at what options we have to make them long-lasting and permanent. There can be many ways that we can do this, and it may just mean looking back at the goals you have set and now implementing plans to make them happy. But there is no shying away from the fact that the effect of January can have you feeling a little slumped and unmotivated.

It is important to have that reality check and it can help you get back on track without letting those January blues that you have experienced bring you down. Let’s hope it inspires you to get back on with whatever you are hoping to achieve, now and for the rest of the year. 

Let go of the January blues and focus on the year ahead

Let go of the January blues and focus on the year ahead - low angle view of spiral notebook

Financial pressure

One of the biggest issues all families can face at this time of year is a bit of financial worry and strain. The festive season was good fun, but sometimes the overspending can begin to haunt us as January comes to an end, and we can often feel overwhelmed with the bills that have just landed on the doorstep. However, taking control of your financial situation can actually put you in a better position than you began the year in.

Looking into things like how to repair your credit rating and your options for debt. It could be to set up a saving plan so that you don’t have to worry about the family holiday. Or even looking at reducing your outgoings to give you some more disposable income to enjoy family days out, things like meal planning can help with this. The main point is to not be fearful of it and to take control and get things back on track. It might suddenly feel like a weight has been lifted.

Struggling to get back into a family routine

Sometimes January can present problems for the family with the struggle of getting back into a family routine. It might be going back to school, the hustle and bustle of after-school clubs, appointments, running the house, and keeping it clean. However, a routine can be great for the family, and often this time of the year is the ideal time to try new things.

Now that we are into February, it is worth shaking off the excuses of a new year and start thinking about the positive changes that you can make to your family routine. This could include using Sundays to plan the week ahead and even batch cooking and meal planning so that you all know where you are up to. 

Feeling a little down

You might find yourself feeling a little down and blue at this time of the year. Even though January is over and you expect to feel somewhat relieved, it can still be quite daunting because of the season and the dark nights. The weather doesn’t help, and the strain on the finances can be a stress and a worry. So there isn’t a surprise that you can still feel the strain personally. There are many websites out there that have some great ideas to help you lift your spirits.

Take some time for a bit of self-care and remember some of the resolutions you made for yourself. You should also remind yourself of some of the simpler things in life that you can become more grateful for. The typical British things that we can all grow to love and that can become a huge part of our lives.

We can take a moment to remind ourselves of how good things are. That Sunday roast dinner, for example, or a hot cup of tea. Eating better can also help you to feel more energised. Even getting fitter perhaps, which may have formed part of your goals and resolutions anyway. This time of year is for you as well as your family. 

Let go of the January blues and focus on the year ahead - woman writing on a notebook beside teacup and tablet computer

You can set goals whenever you like

Too often people place too much focus on the new year when in actual fact, you may have gotten a few weeks in and realised that maybe other changes need to be made first. It could be that you like the idea of changing your career, after heading back to work after the Christmas break and realising you don’t enjoy your job anymore.

It might be that the finances weren’t a focus, but now they are because you have checked the accounts and realised you may have overspent. Don’t sit back and think you can’t implement the goals now, you can set yourself new targets or add to your list whenever these changes and opportunities present themselves. 

Too much pressure with new year’s resolutions

Finally, have you put too much pressure on yourself with your resolutions and your goals for the year ahead? Too often we can be guilty of all the grand plans and the reality is that things don’t often change overnight.

January can be a great kickstart for feeling motivated to make some changes, but we all can be guilty of expecting those changes to happen straight away, and more often than not, they take time, effort, and a little work. Instead, relook at the things you wanted to do and make smaller more actionable targets to help you reach the end goal. It will help you stay motivated and feel inspired once more. 

Let’s hope that these tips and tricks help you avoid continuing to feel those blues as we start to enjoy the new year ahead.