Family Friendly Living Room Ideas All Parents Need To Know

Family Friendly Living Room Ideas All Parents Need To Know

5th July 2024

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Our homes change over the years. The moment you buy a property it could just be you and someone else, you start a family and then any hope of a designer living room goes out of the window. Right? Wrong! It’s possible to have your home decorated to perfection that will still suit your needs as a family.

You just need to make wise choices and think outside the box a little. With that in mind, I thought I would share some family-friendly living room ideas with you. They may inspire you to change a few things at home yourself.   

Think of pieces of furniture that are quality

We can all wander around those lovely home stores and get lost in the styled decor. It just all looks so pretty. But does it suit a family? The thing about some pieces of furniture and seating is that one wrong move from your children and it can be stained or left broken. It’s unfortunate.

So rather than waste money, sometimes it’s worth investing in key pieces. You don’t have to compromise on style; often, quality products are made with robust materials that stand the test of time. For example, a vintage Chesterfield sofa will ooze sophistication and style while still being suitable for a living room. 

Family Friendly Living Room Ideas All Parents Need To Know

Consider a robust flooring option

Your flooring is one part of any living space that gets used a lot by a family. From stepping all over it to toys being dragged across it. So it’s essential that you choose a flooring option that isn’t just stylish but also robust. Wooden flooring options are a great choice to consider for a family. They work well to keep clean from stains and spillages, they are great with toys, and they are hardwearing. Your money will be well spent. 

Ensure you have plenty of cushions and blankets

A family living space is a well-used room for general TV watching, movie afternoons, or a room to spend time in. So prepare for those comfy moments and style your living room with plenty of cushions and blankets. If anything, they make great materials for building indoor dens. 

Family Friendly Living Room Ideas All Parents Need To Know

Don’t be afraid to use colour

As much as those white walls and minimalist touches are beautiful and pretty to look at, they don’t swerve their purpose in a family home. White walls are too easy to spot those grubby handprints that are inevitably going to feature. So in this instance, don’t be afraid to jazz up some of your rooms with a burst of colour. Of course, you don’t have to go too crazy, stick with your personality and what suits your family. 

Invest in plenty of storage solutions

Finally, any parent will tell you that their living spaces are often taken over by toys and general clutter. So, when you want to avoid such occasions, make sure you have plenty of storage solutions ready. This could be a toy box in the corner or something more discreet like storage boxes and shelves. 

I hope this has inspired you to make your living room family-friendly.

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