How engineered wood flooring works in a family home?

18th October 2020

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Have you noticed the beauty of wooden flooring? It fits all spaces, doesn’t it? Although many of you might still have a doubt if you would like in your home, then head ahead. Read this space to know engineered wood flooring will fit you the best. Especially if you have kids or you do all the cleaning at home. Wouldn’t you want to change the pattern of how you have been cleaning your house all these years?

Getting a hardwood flooring installed in your house could get demanding monetary wise but hey, you always have the option of engineered wood flooring that is flexible enough to fit your taste of interior designing with the potential of providing you with the best of luck for your house, including long hallways.

What is engineered wood flooring?

Unlike the plain wooden flowing that is cut off a tree right-away before fitting it in your house or a tree house, the engineered wood flooring comes with a lot of process. Not only does it have a structured process but also multiple layers.

This engineered wood flooring has an inner layer of plywood or other fibreboard material while the outer look of veneer stands to your demand of choice.

It is important to realise that the engineered wood is not similar to laminate. Here, in case of the engineered wood the out portion is actual wood while the laminates may only have images that appear wooden-like. Although it is less expensive than a wooden floor, it doesn’t offer the ethnicity or the feel you would want your house to reflect.

6 reasons how engineered wood flooring works in a family home

engineered wood flooring for a family home

It appears too real to be anything reel!

As mentioned earlier the out surface of the engineered wood flooring is actual wood. This is what makes it preferable and unique compared to its alternatives like laminates and vinyl tiles. Hence the wood flooring looks like hardwood flooring and it is very difficult to figure out the difference.

Alters value for money

The hardwood flooring is way expensive compared to the engineered wood flooring. You will have your expenses covered in around 50% of the cost of the hardwood flooring if you choose the engineered wood flooring. It looks good for years after installation. Also, it is cut and fixed as per the turns of your house. Hence there is no wastage. If you want a tailor-made home that gives a rustic effect wouldn’t you want something worthy for what you pay especially when you are tight on your budget?

Even if you are willing to pay that extra amount wouldn’t it be harmful to nature? Why not a well-designed substitute that gives you the exact same feel?

Is it Durable? – Durability 

Engineered wood flooring lasts or a longer period of time. It is tougher than the alternatives available in the market. If you have a family with kids and pets, then this is your go-to option. It has a tendency to dwell right with respect to temperatures.

Will it suit your house? – Suitability 

The engineered wood flooring comes with several designs that can fit your demands and set with the design of your house. With a wide array of dimensions, colours and surfaces this flooring offers your wide choices to choose from. With lacquered, oil effect, distress and matte finish it reflects the actual natural feel of wood.

Helps with underfloor heating

As you must know not all varieties of wooden flooring are compatible or go well with under the floor heating mechanism. Before you end up making an expensive investment in your house, give a look at the engineered wood floor work as it suits this mechanism.

However, if you do go with under flooring heating, it would be wise to opt for either MDF skirting boards, or soft wood skirting boards such as pine as they are less likely to warp due to the changing temperature.

Savings, after investing

You don’t have to keep looking around the engineered wood flooring to maintain it. It is sustainable. All you have to ensure is that you keep clean by sweeping or a vacuum once in a while. How much would that cost you monetarily? Nothing.

Budgeting could be a scene in various cases. But you don’t always build or renovate your house. If you are looking for something long term, durable, reliable and something easy to look after then it has to be engineered wood flooring. This type of flooring provides a complete touch to your family home. As it is hard-wearing you don’t have to worry much about your kids spoiling or worrying financially on how you can maintain it.