Brilliant Ways To Make Your Kitchen Feel Brand New

Brilliant Ways To Make Your Kitchen Feel Brand New

3rd July 2024

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For most of us, the kitchen is the most important room in the house. Over the years, kitchens have evolved from rooms dedicated to cooking and eating to versatile, multi-functional spaces. We spend more time in our kitchens than ever, so it’s natural to want to create a beautiful, practical space. If you’re keen to plan a makeover without breaking the bank, here are some brilliant ways to make your kitchen feel brand new.

These simple steps can transform your kitchen

Brilliant Ways To Make Your Kitchen Feel Brand New

Change the layout

Changing the layout is one of the most popular kitchen renovation projects. In years gone by, houses usually had separate kitchens, dining rooms and utility areas. Today, many people prefer a more open layout, which makes spaces more versatile and family-friendly.

If you have a small kitchen, or the layout doesn’t work for you, have you considered knocking down walls or adjusting the position of your units and cupboards? Knocking through and opening up living spaces can often increase the amount of usable space. This type of project is more expensive than moving units or kitchen islands around, but it may add substantial value depending on how much you spend.

Explore ideas, get inspiration from other homes and houses you’ve seen on TV or in magazines and compare quotes. 

Maximise natural light

Light makes rooms look spacious and inviting. Maximising natural light can make cramped and compact kitchens seem much larger and brighter and create a more pleasant atmosphere. There are lots of ways to design lighter kitchens, including angling furniture towards windows and doors, adding an extra window or skylight and choosing light colours for the walls and floors. Hanging mirrors on the walls also bounces light around.

If you want to flood the space with natural light, contact glass manufacturers to explore ideas such as adding a roof lantern or designing a statement window or patio door for the back wall. Adding more windows or a larger back door can also help you connect indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Brilliant Ways To Make Your Kitchen Feel Brand New

Experiment with different colours

If you’re looking for budget-friendly ways to transform living spaces, it’s hard to beat experimenting with different colours. Painting the walls or units, adding coloured countertops, changing the colour of the floor and buying new, coloured accessories can all make an impact in an instant. You can add lots of colour by painting all the walls and covering wood or white cupboards and cabinets in paint, or adopt a more subtle approach with flashes and pops of colour.

Think about the style and vibe you want to create when browsing paint charts. Do you want a chic, clean, contemporary kitchen, a natural haven, a traditional country kitchen or a colourful oasis, for example?

Do you dream of having an Instagram-worthy kitchen but lack the energy or budget to carry out a large-scale renovation project? If so, these simple steps can transform your kitchen without breaking the bank. Consider adjusting the layout of the room or the living space around your kitchen, explore ways to maximise natural light and think about changing the colourway.