Make Your Home Family Friendly For Springtime Party Season!

14th February 2018

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It’s nearly time to bid goodbye to winter, so let’s look forward and make the most of what spring has to offer us. If you are still struggling to pay your credit card bills after Christmas, a perfect way to socialise is to throw house parties and garden parties. But if your home isn’t up to code (in other words, not ready for party time!), are there any simple things you can do to give your home that makeover it desperately needs, but also shake up your garden and turn your home into a family-friendly and fun party zone that pleases adults and kids alike?

Make Your Home Family Friendly For Springtime Party Season!

Have A Dedicated Kids Area

If you’re going to have a big party with parents and kids alike, making sure that’s everyone’s got their space to play, even the adults, is key! If you’re lucky enough to have the room in the garden, and the weather is on your side, you could hire ball pools, kids toys, and anything that takes your fancy from a site like, so at least you don’t need to buy the expensive kiddies playsets, and you can give them back at the end of the day! Having a dedicated kids area is always a good idea because it will help to minimise accidents and the parents can take a break for at least 5 minutes.

Make Everyone Comfortable

You’ve seen that look in the parents’ eyes when they take their kids to a party, they are on edge and ready to leap into action if the child puts themselves in a dangerous situation, which, amazingly, is all too common, even if the situation was floor to ceiling cotton wool! Making your kids and their parents comfortable is going to make everybody happy and enjoy the party. If you are lucky enough to have some blistering sunshine on the day of the party, it’s worth breaking out the garden furniture. If you’re looking for something a bit more classy than standard plastic garden chairs, there are loads of websites to peruse, such as, everybody has their own budgets, and they provide luxury garden furniture. While it’s not essential to go for the highest quality furniture, it makes for a bit more comfort.

Make Your Home Family Friendly For Springtime Party Season!

Serve Kid-Friendly Foods

As much as parents will pretty much eat anything, this is never the case when it comes to the children. Your best option is to find out beforehand what children will or will not eat. Apart from the typical preparations, such as finding out specific dietary requirements, if you catered for a few specific tastes, you are going to please most people. Remember you’re not going to be able to please everyone, but if the kids get something in their belly, especially when they are picky eaters, this will please the parents no end!

Use The Kitchen As A Contingency Space

If you don’t have the finances to invest in a gazebo, you’ll have to find another option to bring the party indoors if the weather isn’t on your side. The kitchen, depending on the size, is always a handy contingency space. If size is an issue inside the house, then it’s best to buy a marquee. The great thing about marquees is that they are easy to put up, in fact, they are much easier to put up than you think, and as long as it’s not blowing a gale outside, you will have a successful party regardless of the rain.

Use The Living Room For Adults Only

As parents, we all like to have a break from the onslaught of children playing to their heart’s content. Sometimes, you see parents setting up camp somewhere and that’s where they’ll stay for the rest of the party. It’s always a good idea to have a room dedicated to a small respite from the noise and incessant party games. Or, it might be that somebody wants to check the football scores! Regardless of the purpose, the living room is always a handy little hideaway. But if you’ve got kids coming in demanding to watch something on DVD, politely remind them that they are here to party and not watch TV! If they really want to watch something, then have a room set up in another part of the house for the children to play. This is essential if the weather isn’t up to scratch because children will get bored very quickly.

Make Your Home Family Friendly For Springtime Party Season!

Do A Safety Check Beforehand

If you’ve got big families coming, you need to make sure your home is up to code and safe for the kids to play. This means leaving no stone unturned, and if you have stones in the kitchen (as a decorative piece) get rid of them! You need to make sure you’re on the ball when it comes to making your home safe. And as nice as those antique wine glasses are on display, you have only yourself to blame if someone decides to grab them!

Do You Really Need To Clean Up As You Go?

This is the big debate everybody has when it comes to cleaning up any party. If you’ve got children, of course, spillages and little pockets of mess are going to occur roughly every 20 seconds. So this begs the question, do you really need to clean up as you go? If you spend a lot of time and effort throughout the party cleaning up as you go, this doesn’t guarantee you’ll have less to do when everybody goes home. And if you have loads of kids coming by, it’s going to be exhausting whatever your attitude to cleaning is. Gauge it depending on the number of kids you’ve got coming. It might be manageable, or it might not be! But enjoy the party.

Making your home family friendly in time for spring is one piece of the puzzle. Making sure that everybody is happy is the other piece. If you plan on hosting a lot of family-friendly parties, be warned, you will be exhausted! But it will be great. Fingers crossed for a sunny springtime though!

Make Your Home Family Friendly For Springtime Party Season!

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