12-month cleaning calendar | June - Invisible areas

12-month cleaning calendar | June – Invisible areas

1st June 2022

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We all have invisible areas of our home that don’t see the light of day until the day you choose to move a sofa, look behind a wardrobe, or tackle under the bed, am I right? The truth is, these areas just can’t be cleaned as often as some of the other more visible areas of your home. However, this is where dust can really build up. June is the start of summer and could be the time of year that you prepare your home for an influx of guests for BBQs, playdates for the kids, and entertaining in the evenings. All fun and games. But you will want your home to be clean and ready for those guests? 

Perhaps you might rearrange some of the furniture in the living spaces, or you just feel a sudden urge to ensure every part of your home has been cleaned. Having the right products on hand to help you do this is a good idea. Check out Dr. Beckmann’s product range to help spruce up your homes in 2022 here: www.dr-beckmann.co.uk. So let’s identify those invisible areas of your home to give you that motivation to get cleaning. 

What invisible areas need cleaning?

12-month cleaning calendar | June - Invisible areas
Cleaning floor with white mop near the sofa in modern apartment

Under the bed 

When was the last time you checked under your bed? This can be one of the hot spots for the dust to build up, but as you sleep in your bed, you are also more prone to breathing it in, which can’t be good for you. So get under the bed and give it a clean. You might be using the bed for extra storage, so this is the ideal time to organise and re-sort through those things. If you haven’t needed any of them in a while it could be time to get rid. 

Moving bedroom furniture

While you are focusing on the bedroom, it might have been a while since you moved some of the furniture and drawers. Moving them out of their usual places and vacuuming behind them could help you to give the bedroom a deep clean. It could also present the perfect opportunity to move things around to help revamp your bedroom space. 

Move the sofas and chairs 

The living space can often be one of the most used areas of your home, so a great idea this month would be to move the sofas and chairs. You might be surprised what you find under them or behind them. Lost toys, money, and neglected items, to name a few. 

12-month cleaning calendar | June - Invisible areas
Woman cleaner looking under the bed for sock using a flashlight

Under kitchen cupboards or behind the plinths 

You may have already decided to tackle the kitchen cupboard earlier in the year, but one of the invisible spots you might not even consider is under the lower base units or behind any plinth you have. Sometimes these plinths can be removed for extra storage, and if so, it is the ideal time to clean underneath. If you have exposed under areas of your lower base cabinets then getting underneath may unearth lost items and give you the chance to give them a big clean. 

Behind and under wardrobes 

It isn’t often that we move the wardrobes. With them being so big and also housing a lot of items, it can be an awkward thing to do. So use this month as your chance to get underneath them and around them. A quick vacuum will get rid of any lurking dust. 

Toy boxes, toy areas, and under tables 

Finally, make sure you look at the toy boxes and toy storage areas. Often we don’t move these around too much and there can be a lot of dust lurking. If you are planning of inviting people around with kids then these areas will be well used. You might also want to check underneath coffee and dining tables. 

Hopefully, this will have reminded you of some of the invisible areas of your home that you can get to grips with this month.