How To Go Minimalist For Home Interior

26th February 2019

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If you haven’t already been an avid viewer of Marie Kondo or Mrs. Hinch, then you should take a couple of minutes and check out the series on Netflix! If you are, and you have been putting some of the methods into practice, you might be ready to get even more minimalist on your home.

The idea isn’t to give away what you love, but think about what brings you joy and what doesn’t. Although before you do this you might want to ask yourself a few questions before you get rid of an object.

Living with less has been proven as a great way to not only appreciate what you do have but saving money by not gather ‘stuff,’ it makes cleaning and tidying easier and improves mental health too.

So let’s get started…

  1. Grab a bit old empty box. What you might find is that we are brilliant at buying the same thing over and over again. From eyeshadow pallets to mugs, you probably have too many of the same thing. Bring the box from room to room with you and anything that is a duplicate, almost finished, or something you’ve never used at all – pop it in the box.
  2. Clothing takes up a lot of space, and for what we actually wear from the piles, this doesn’t make sense. It’s time to get a capsule wardrobe ready. Make like Marie Kondo here and put all of your clothing in a heap. Pick up each item one by one. If it gives you a zing of joy put it on a keep pile. If you don’t wear it, don’t like it or it doesn’t fit – donate it. The same should happen with your shoes too.
  3. Kitchen clutter is a big one. Cupboards filled with breadmakers, juicers, and pans you never use. If those items are in good working order, then use this opportunity to make some cash and pop them on local selling sites or eBay. While you’re in the kitchen, it might be time to go through those spice racks. There are likely to be a few secret empties, duplicates and maybe spices you just don’t use. Adios amigo and thank you for sharing a piece of my life.
  4. Throw things out. Some of your possessions will be perfect to head off to pastures new via selling or donation. Other things will probably not make the grade. Check out The Waste Group skip hire, and get something that will be able to accommodate everything that you can’t rehome. You might be surprised at just how much junk you have that you have managed to store away.
  5. Once you have begun to downsize the amount you own, some items of furniture will no longer serve a real purpose. Instead of finding new ways to use it, or putting other stuff on it – let it go. We are excellent ad keeping more significant items and storing ‘stuff’ on it. Image the space you’ll have if you don’t keep things that just aren’t paying for the space that they use.

Going minimalist is a bit of a mindset, the choice to love what you have, without buying extras that you don’t need doing luxury on a budget if you will. It also encourages us to take care of our belongings much better too.

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