Making Summer Come To You! Getting Your Home Ready To Worship The Sun

10th January 2019

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Yes, it’s early doors, especially as we are in the middle of winter, but if you can’t afford a holiday out in the sun you’ve got to think about making your home as summer-ready as possible. You don’t need to experience the joys of summer by boarding a plane and getting lost on the way to the hotel. Instead, you can make the most of what you’ve got around you! What are some of the best?

Summer – make the most of what you’ve got around you

Renovating Your Garden For A Barbecue

Summer means barbecues, so what better way to get your home ready for summer than by adding decking and splashing out on a nice fancy barbecue station? Get inspiration from the many recipes online for meat lovers and vegetarians alike, and if you are looking to throw a few garden parties this summer, a barbecue is always a big draw. And, relatively speaking, it’s very cheap.

Keeping Cool Indoors

Some people are sun worshippers, and others can’t stand the heat! Either way, health and happiness is your priority,  and you have to make sure you keep cool indoors. If you are anticipating another unbearably hot summer, you can get free AC estimates to give you an idea of the budget you need for an air conditioning system. Don’t forget, there are other ways to keep cool. Even if you think a posh ceiling fan will do the job, if the temperatures soar again this year, you will need something a little bit more powerful!

Adding Extra Insulation

Insulation is something that you may not consider to be integral to the summer, but if you are using a lot of electricity to power the air conditioning or fans, having an insulated home will keep the utility bills down.

Sorting The Windows

The sun can shine through drafty single pane windows and cause you to squint throughout the summer months. Instead, think about upgrading your windows to add additional panels that block out the sun or you can take the DIY approach and use tin foil. It may look unsightly but if you don’t have the money, this is a simple approach. And, as an additional bonus, you could use this tin foil to put behind your radiator in the winter to ensure that no heat escapes out the windows.

Wiping Down Your Fixtures

Keeping the windows open all through the summer means that there will be plenty of bugs making their way into the home. Give your fixtures a wipe down, but also have an armoury of repellent sprays handy. Whether you’ve got ants, flies, or spiders, these creepy crawlies can put a dampener on your enjoyment of the summer months. Be prepared!

Yes, we may be pining for the summer, and while we’ve still got to get through winter, we can dream about afternoons lazing in the sun, sipping on a cool drink. To keep you going, start thinking about what you can do to the home. If going on holiday isn’t an option, you don’t need to escape to get the benefits of summer. Make summer come to you!

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