10 Awesome Gift Ideas for Men

14th November 2019

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Men can be the absolute WORST to shop for! They usually won’t tell you what they want and most of the time, if they want something, they just go out and get it themselves!

This is why our boyfriends and husbands usually end up with new wallets or socks and our uncles and grandfathers end up with summer sausage/cheese or a deluxe nut mix. Am I right? Yeah, they are definitely hard to shop for but I have come up with some awesome gift ideas for men that might actually WOW them.

10 Awesome Gift Ideas for the men in our lives

1. Got a bearded man in your life? This Beard Grooming Kit would definitely be a win for him and his counterpart! It comes with everything needed to maintain a great beard.

2. We all know a tech man and that is why this Universal Smart Remote and Home Theater Hub is such an awesome guy gift! One remote to rule them all.

3. Is your man a smarty-pants and slightly nerdy? If so, this Caffeine Molecule Chemistry Mug should get a rise out of him!

4. Why do guys take so long to poop? What are they doing in there? Playing golf?! Tease your extended bathroom using man with this Toilet Tee Golf set!

5. Speaking of the bathroom… Maybe this Light Up Toilet Seat will help them remember to put the seat down and, it might even stop the occasional misses!

6. Is your man ageing like a fine wine, but getting a little hair in the nose and ear area? He might appreciate this Electric Trimmer and it is probably something he’d never get himself.

7. What man doesn’t love the smell of bacon? Well, besides vegetarians, I mean. However, if your man DOES love bacon, this Bacon Candle would be a great gift.

8. Have you ever been stuck holding the flashlight for your man while he works on something where it is usually dark and cold? Well, get him these LED Flashlight Gloves and save yourself the trouble!

9. Guys always think they are the funniest man alive, so getting them a funny t-shirt, like this Duct Tape Can’t Fix Stupid shirt, will definitely result in a chuckle.

10. Looking for the ULTIMATE guy gift for the guys in your life? I’ve got you covered! Check out this 4 Player Laser Tag Set!

I’m sure the guys in your life will appreciate any gift you give them, but hopefully, I’ve inspired you to think outside the box to give them a little “WOW” factor.

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