7 Reasons Smart Shoppers are Staying Home on Black Friday

19th November 2019

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Every year, the hoopla around Black Friday grows bigger and bigger. Stores try their hardest to roll out tantalising deals, in hopes that shoppers will hurry in and pull out their cash. But savvy shoppers aren’t falling for it just yet, because they know that the real deals don’t require waking up at 4 a.m. on Black Friday and battling the crowds.

Look below at 7 reasons smart shoppers are staying home on Black Friday, and see why you should consider joining them!

1. The same deals can be found online

Most of the big retailers offer the same Black Friday deals online as they do in-store. Kohl’s still gives great deals on items as well as Kohl’s cash whether you shop online or in-store, and many retailers are following suit. See if the sales you are anticipating will be available online, and if so, consider shopping online instead of standing in line!

2. Most of the electronics deals are for no-name products

Many retailers offer a special electronics bargain on Black Friday in hopes of getting shoppers to come out. Televisions, laptops, and other electronics are some of the items you may see but look closer. While the price may seem amazing, chances are the brand is no name brand you have never heard of. You never know what kind of quality you are getting or what kind of refund/return/servicing policy it may come with.

3. Impulse purchases can ravage your budget

When you head out to shop, you will no doubt be tempted by impulse purchases. When you see all the holiday home decor on sale, you might be tempted to redecorate your home or stock up on items you don’t need. When you shop from home or go on a day where there isn’t a feeding frenzy, you may be less inclined to grab and go.

4. Your time is worth money

Black Friday shopping comes with lines to park, lines to shop, and lines to checkout. Remember that your time is worth money. Is a sweater that only costs £5 really a deal if you have to wait in line for 45 minutes to pay for it? When you think of more practical ways you can use your time (especially if it used to earn extra holiday cash) you may no longer feel that desire to battle the crowds.

5. Travel is expensive and adds up fast

Shopping on Black Friday typically involves chasing sales. With petrol upwards of £3 a gallon, consider if it is worth all of that driving. A £5 toy may not be worth it if you have to spend £20 driving around for the day to find it. Consider the cost of your travel and rethink your purchases.

6. More sales are coming

Black Friday isn’t the only day to save. More sales will roll out on Cyber Monday, and almost every weekend after that. As Christmas gets closer, clearance sales will start to kick in. Don’t feel like Black Friday is your only day to save. The truth is retailers want your money all season and will be enticing you in all sorts of ways to get it.

7. The freebies aren’t as good as they use to be

Once upon a time, retailers use to offer all sorts of freebies to the first 100 shoppers who walked in the door. Or, they offered freebies such as coffee and doughnuts. Retailers have learned they no longer need to do this to get people in the door, and so the freebies have stopped. If you are lucky you might get a coupon to use on your purchase, but that is about it. Keep this in mind when considering your Black Friday shopping plans, and ask yourself if it is really worth it.

Are you ready to stay home in your pyjamas on Black Friday? If you want to stay put while still saving some cash, consider these 7 reasons smart shoppers are staying home on Black Friday. You might just find that staying home is right for you (and your budget) too!

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