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How To Tame Your Unruly Garden This Year

10th June 2022

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Your unruly garden can be tamed into a manageable and enjoyable slice of outdoors, check out these simple tips.

Is your garden looking like a bit of a jungle? It can be intimidating to take on your garden once it’s truly gone wild. You might dream of setting up an outdoor seating area or simply being able to have a manageable lawn. Perhaps you have purchased a new home and are wondering where to get started outdoors. Here are some simple tips for taming your unruly garden this year.

Simple tips for taming your unruly garden

How To Tame Your Unruly Garden This Year |

Hire A Tree Surgeon

A tree surgeon can help prune back existing trees on your property and also establish if they are healthy. They may conduct an aerial inspection from the treeline in order to determine whether your tree has sustained any damage. The benefits of hiring a tree surgeon are that you are hiring an individual certified to climb up high into the treeline, and also cut back trees without damaging them.

Assess The Damage

How long is it really going to take to clear your garden? Do you think it could be resolved over several weekends, or is it going to be a months-long job to clear? The next thing to consider is how much time you really have. Can you do the garden one bit at a time for a gradual improvement? Or is it better to hire a garden clearance expert?

Decide What Flowers You Want To Keep

Do you spot any gems blossoming out of the undergrowth? Consider if you want to keep any plants before your garden clearance begins. If you think a plant looks good but aren’t sure what it is, consider using a plant-identifying tool to help you distinguish between a weed and a perennial. If you do want to keep a particular plant, then be careful during the clearance and try to pot it beforehand if possible. If you are hiring a garden clearance company you should definitely remove the plants you want to save from the area ahead of them coming.

How To Tame Your Unruly Garden This Year - person digging on soil using garden shovel

Clear Up The Lingering Items

Once you’ve cleared through the tangled brambles and weeds, you might find lingering items under the canopy. Take the time to root out any human debris like old tools or packaging, and also clear up the garden waste left behind, possibly using a service that offers rubbish removal st kilda, or decide whether you’re going to compost it. Fully clear up any hidden items before you move on to re-designing your garden.

What Do You Want To Do With It?

Now your garden is manageable, what do you want to do with it? Are you happy to keep it in its current form, now you just have a lawn to mow? Or do you want to plant some flower beds, lay a patio, or get a landscape garden in to redesign the entire garden? If you were the culprit of your former unruly garden, it’s important to consider whether you really have time to maintain a more complicated landscape.

Final Thoughts

Your unruly garden can be tamed into a manageable and enjoyable slice of outdoors. Invest in a tree surgeon if you have large trees on your property, and consider whether you want to hire a garden clearance expert too. If you have the time to clear your garden, you might want to stagger the job over a few weeks or months. Make sure you clear any lingering debris or garden waste before you take any further steps. Finally, it’s time to decide what you want to do next with your newly manageable garden.