Spring Into Action With Your Garden And Start Enjoying It

Spring Into Action With Your Garden And Start Enjoying It Right Away

31st March 2022

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Now that the weather has improved and things are starting to look brighter when it comes to the recent global pandemic we have faced, your garden is beginning to look rather inviting. The prospect of warm spring and summer evenings, that morning coffee in the quiet, and the sounds of children playing outside. Not to mention the possibility of having friends and family around and enjoying a conversation. 

But there might be one thing completely holding you back from enjoying all of that, the condition your garden is in. We have just been through a heavy winter with lots of snow and rain. So it is fair to say that your garden is likely looking a little worse for wear. However, this can be changed. It is time to spring into action with your garden and start enjoying it right away. Here is how you can do that.   

Tidy things away in your garden 

The autumn and winter mean that your garden is likely covered in fallen leaves and debris and will be looking a little downtrodden and windswept. So now is the time to start tidying things away. Rake the leaves, brush the patio and pathways, and clear any scattered rubbish. Spending a little time doing this can make a world of difference to how your garden looks and can give you the motivation to carry on and get other things done. 

Spring Into Action With Your Garden And Start Enjoying It

Plant some flowers and shrubs

The next thing to consider doing would be to plant some new flowers or shrubs. You don’t need to be green-fingered to do this. Picking up a tray of flowers in your local supermarket can often suffice, and it can add some much-needed colour to your outdoor space. Before planting anything new, make sure you clear any weeds and create enough room for your new plants to thrive. If you don’t feel confident about planting new plants, you could always look artificial. Like artificial grass, you can now get artificial plants and flowers that help your garden have a more consistent appearance.  

Invest in some new garden furniture

Now would be the ideal time to get some new garden furniture, especially if you plan on inviting friends and family around who you haven’t seen for a while. These days there is a lot more to choose from when it comes to furnishing your garden. It could be a garden corner sofa, a new table, chairs, or even some new sunbeds. It may seem like an investment, but the chances are you will appreciate your garden this summer. So it could be worth it. 

Give the woodwork a little love 

There is a lot of fo woodwork in your garden, and not just the trees. We are talking about your fencing. When was the last time they got any attention? The winter can be harsh on your fence panels, so it will be an excellent idea to creosote them to protect them in the future. You could choose a different colour to give your garden area a little boost. Grey and green are two popular colours alongside the classic brown tones you usually find. It could also be just what your garden needs to freshen things up. 

Spring Into Action With Your Garden And Start Enjoying It

Cut the grass

You can’t be sprucing up all of the other areas of your garden and forget the one thing that could be dominating your outside space. The grass. Once you have had a few dry days, it is the perfect opportunity to mow the lawn and trim the edges. You could also use the chance to add some grass seed so that you can encourage regrowth in areas where the lawn has taken a bit of a beating. It might even be time to consider artificial grass as another investment for your outside space. Many have said that it can be worthwhile if you have a family, and it can certainly help your garden to look tidier. 

Create zones in your garden

Finally, a great tip would be to create zones in your garden. If you have enough space, try and develop areas where you can entertain, relax, or a part of the garden that is purely for your kids to enjoy. Having zones can help set your intentions when using the outside space and help you utilise your garden more effectively. 

Now that the weather is starting to get warmer and the days are longer, it might be the ideal time to focus on your garden. Hopefully, these tips can help you get on track with it ready for you to enjoy.