The Menopause: The What, When and Why

The Menopause: The What, When and Why

14th June 2022

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The Menopause is a time in a woman’s life when their bodies begin to change. You may find that those particular times of the month are no longer gracing themselves with their presence. You might find that certain aspects of your body feel out of control. It’s a time in your life when you are no longer able to get pregnant and have a baby. You may be surprised that menopause can start as early as the age of forty, but you will certainly have begun to experience some of the symptoms by the time you reach fifty-eight.

So I thought that as this is such a common thing women go through, it would be worth explaining all the nitty-gritty details about this perfectly normal but life-changing time of your life. 

So, what is menopause?

Having briefly explained in an earlier paragraph, it’s the time of your life when your body and reproductive organs no longer release an egg into the womb to be fertilised. In simple terms that when menopause hits you are no longer able to get pregnant. It can start as early as forty years old, though, so it’s definitely worth considering starting a family earlier than that if that is part of your plan. However, it also affects your hormone levels, as your ovaries are what release the estrogen hormone into your bloodstream. This is what causes those notable symptoms. 

The Menopause: The What, When and Why

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms of menopause could include some of the following things. You may experience hot flushes and sweating, irregular periods, changes in your mood, and also difficulty sleeping. However, menopause could go on to create further issues such as osteoporosis. Which can have an effect on your bones and mobility. This is down to the lack of estrogen in your bloodstream. Osteoporosis causes brittle bones, but thankfully if your menopause directly causes this issue, there is some medication you could consider. However, make sure you are aware of things like side effects.  

When does the menopause happen? 

Unfortunately, this period of your life is not something you can predict or avoid. At some point, your ovaries will stop producing an egg and your hormone levels will dip. The best advice would be to speak to your doctor when the first signs begin to show. There are things that can help ease this time in your life and help bring balance to your body moving forward. It isn’t going to be an easy change to endure, but it is one that you can learn to live with. 

What can be used to treat the menopause?

There are many different treatments to help ease the symptoms of the menopause. One could be hormone replacement therapy, which it will try and balance out the levels of hormones in your body. But you could also consider a talking therapy such as cognitive-behavioural therapy and other tablets and medications to help ease the symptoms. 

The Menopause: The What, When and Why

I hope this article has made you more aware of menopause and the symptoms you may endure at some stage in your life. 

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