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Want To Reduce The Cost Of Your Energy Bill?

3rd June 2023

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Energy prices are going high and becoming somewhat extortionate. You shouldn’t need to worry that you cannot afford to pay your energy bills. If you use the right strategies, you can ensure to reduce your energy bills and enjoy living more comfortably. 

Whether you want to save money on heating bills or energy costs throughout the year, this guide will share the best ways to reduce your spending.

Ways to Reduce The Cost Of Your Energy Bill

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Add more sustainable measures to your home

There are plenty of sustainable measures you can add to your home to make it cheaper in the long run. 

For instance, installing solar panels in your home will help reduce your energy bills as they will generate energy, which means you will need to use the power sources less to use central heating, use the oven, and more. Although you will need to make the initial investment, you can enjoy lower energy bills in the future.

Turn the heating down

Although you might think that turning the central heating thermostat to full will help you stay as warm as possible, it is possible to stay warm when using a lower temperature. If you whack your heating up to full, it will cost you a lot more.

Therefore, it is sensible to turn the thermostat down when you wish to be warm. It might not be hot but it will be warm enough to keep you comfortable. Plus, your bank balance will be a lot more comfortable too.

Turn the switches off

Another way to reduce your energy bill is to turn the switches off. Although you might not think that a TV that is plugged in will use electricity, it does. The energy usage will be minimal, but it will still be costing you money.

Therefore, ensure to turn your switches on when plugs are not in use to reduce the cost of your energy bill.

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Switch provider

Sometimes, you might be paying much more than you need to because you are using the most expensive energy provider. 

By switching, you could spend a fraction of the price. Or, when you tell your current provider you wish to change, they might offer you a discount that will help you save a lot of money each time a bill is generated.

Use blankets

When the weather is cold, you shouldn’t instantly switch the heating on. Using the heating is expensive and can sometimes be avoided. Although you might feel cold, you might feel fine if you sit under a blanket for a while. 

If you have come in from the cold, it might make you want to switch the fire or heating on. But, using a blanket is free and will ensure not to hike up your energy usage.

Insulate your tanks and pipes 

Adding insulation to your tanks will ensure they stay as hot as possible. If air and warmth escape the tanks and pipes, they will take a lot longer to heat up, which will cost you more money. 

Insulation is affordable and an effective way to reduce your energy usage and prices.

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If a draught gets into your home in the winter, it will guarantee to make your home much colder than it needs to be. It can make the winters unbearable and cause you to have the heating on at all times. It might be so cold that you turn the heating to the highest temperature. Either way, experiencing a draught in your home will increase your energy bill.

Therefore, ensure to draught-proof your home so that you can use the heating less and at lower temperatures.

New windows

If your windows are not double-glazed, your home will be much cooler or warmer than it should be. Double-glazed windows help to regulate the temperature inside, helping you use the AC and heating less. 

Spend less time in the shower

If you have an electric shower, it will not only cost you in water but your energy usage will go up to. Therefore, it is a smart idea to spend less time in the shower if you want to save money. 

You don’t need 30 minutes to wash. It can be achieved in 5 minutes. Therefore, practice reducing your shower time, as it will help to reduce your energy bills. 

This guide will help you understand and utilise the best ways to save money on your energy bill. It can be as simple as switching off plugs, adding sustainable features, and adding new windows.