Healing the body with meditation

4th March 2021

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No one likes to experience pain. However, pain is a natural sensation that people experience. It’s the body’s way of alerting an individual that something is wrong. Although it’s good to acknowledge that something is wrong in the body, pain can be an intense experience, and people will often try different means by which to get rid of the pain they experience.

Meditation can help reduce the severity of pain that an individual is feeling. It’s important to note before continuing that meditation isn’t a cure-all. It shouldn’t take the place of proper medical attention or medication. Instead, it should be used as a supplemental measure to help alleviate pain.

Acknowledging Pain During Meditation

In trying to reduce pain through meditation, it’s important to first acknowledge the pain that exists and to accept the pain. Instead of trying to resist the pain, become completely aware of the pain experience. Start the meditation by sitting upright, with the back straight. This can either be on the floor or on a chair. With eyes closed, begin breathing calmly.

Envision the pain in your mind. To assist in this, consider giving the pain a shape, color, and even texture. Look at the visualization of pain from all angles. See it as an object inside you. Now that the pain has been acknowledged and accepted, it’s time to move on to healing the pain.


Reducing Pain With Meditation

To begin pain reduction, imagine a warm, bright light entering in from the top of the head. Allow it run throughout the body, then concentrate it on the area of the body that is in pain. Feel the lightness and calmness that comes along with this beautiful, healing light.

Now, once again, see the shape of the pain you envisioned earlier in the place in the body where the pain is located. Visualise this shape getting smaller. At the same time, watch the bright, healing light surround the object, causing the object to change colour and reflect the new light colouring around it.

Take as much time as needed to feel the healing benefits of this meditation. When ready, take a few deep, cleansing breaths and end the meditation.

Although meditation does not guarantee pain relief, if nothing else, this meditation should at least make a person feel more relaxed. This type of meditation is particularly good for relieving stress, thus helping to relieve headaches, calming the stomach, and bringing down a person’s blood pressure.

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