How to keep negativity away from your social media

How to keep negativity away from your social media account?

4th November 2021

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No one likes negativity on their social media account and that is completely understandable. Social media is all about meeting people who have similar thoughts to yourself and getting away from pressure. There are various reasons why there is a lot of negativity around social media these days. Today, we will discuss some techniques you can keep this negativity away from your social media accounts.

There is no need to follow people you think are toxic

If you have been social media for even more than a day, you might have already come across people who for some reason love being negative. Getting rid of these people is the first thing you should do to keep negativity away.

Don’t hesitate to unfollow people who you know make you upset or ruin your good mood. It is completely okay to cut yourself off from those kinds of people to be content.

How to keep negativity away from your social media

Make sure to follow people you trust and know well

It is essential to surround yourself with genuine people even when you are online. If you follow people who you already know and trust won’t do anything to upset you, you are already one step ahead of the game.

Once in a while, try to go through the list of people you follow and make sure you know them well. This will enable you to fill your account with positivity and bring joyful feelings to you.

Always check on your privacy settings before you post

The privacy setting is a real blessing for us to be away from negativity while online. Before you decide to hit the post button, make sure you are completely protected.

Only share stuff with approved people and block words that you find disturbing in the comments. Keep your personal information hidden from trolls and problematic people.

The spread of positivity should always begin from you

It can be quite challenging to make everyone post things that make you happy but you can do it for yourself. Share things that genuinely interest you and make you feel better.

Be open about what your thoughts are on things so people know you are not a fan of negativity. Be the person who initiates a positive change and you will automatically succeed in keeping negativity away.

How to keep negativity away from your social media


Social media can be a very toxic time at times and you need to keep yourself as far away from it as possible. We are sure that these tips will keep all kinds of negativity away from your social media account and allow you to enjoy being online.

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