Make Your Next Night Out Memorable

18th April 2018

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A good night out isn’t always about getting as smashed as possible, staying out all night or being the one that pulls. Quite often, the best nights out are the ones that give us new positive experiences, whether its new people or new places. If going out has become a dull ritual in which you hang around with the same people in the same places, it could be time to shake things up. Here are just a few ways to make your next night out memorable.

Visit a new place

If you’re bored of the bars local to you, why not try a night out in a different town or neighbourhood? If this means driving, choose a designated driver that doesn’t mind not drinking or have a system of taking it in turns. The best option is to book accommodation or stay round someone’s house so that no-one has to drive and you can all stay out as long as you like.

Plan an activity

Don’t just head out to drink and dance – plan another activity. Go out for dinner first to a place that’s new and exciting. Alternatively, look for late night events like comedy clubs, late night spas, outdoor movie showings, ice-skating rinks and local music gigs. There may also be fun and competitive to try out beyond pool and darts. Common examples include bowling and quizzes, whilst some companies like TopGolf run bars in which you can also play golf on a driving a range.

Try some VIP treatment

If there’s a special event coming up or you don’t mind saving up, going VIP could be an option. For an opportunity to potentially rub shoulders with celebrities, you could consider looking into the Mahiki Kensington guestlist and Mahiki Kensington table bookings. There may also be VIP events on that you can sign up to by becoming a member of a certain club.

Talk to new people

Often the best nights out involve meeting new people, so don’t be shy and try approaching people. It’s possible you may be able to meet up with friends who can introduce you to new people or invite you to events full of new people. Also think twice about heading straight to the club – you can rarely talk to people in a club so try hitting the bars first or planning some other kind of activity.

Plan to meet up the next morning

Your night out doesn’t have to end once you hit the sack. Plan to meet up with your friends the next morning for breakfast so that you can discuss the previous night. You could even all plan to stay at someone’s house for the night so that you all wake up together. Your friends will be able to fill in any gaps if you’re hazy on the details, plus the hangover will be more manageable if you’re not having to face it alone.

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