Why Lockdown is the Best Time to Practise Self Care

19th June 2020

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In the midst of the pandemic and the extended lockdowns, stress and anxiety levels can rise. And if using this extended home time as a time to practise self-care seems an idea too far fetched, here’s a bit of help your way. 

Read on to discover some of the best ways you can practise a bit of self-care during these uncertain times when things seem like they’re something out of a sci-fi movie. 

Take a pause, for real

One of the simplest ways you can indulge in a bit of self-care during the lockdown is by taking a pause from your normal routine and just resting. Most of us are stuck with extremely busy schedules, and this situation can turn out to be a great way to allow you to truly unwind. Try to take pleasure in the little things in life while you’re cooped up at home. 

Practise self-care: Why Lockdown is the Best Time 
Self love Sunday. Bath salts, vegan chocolate, tea and a book.

Make baths longer

This one’s actually just an extension of the point we tried to make above, and you’ll be surprised at how much it can really help. Simply just taking your time to soak in the bath, or taking a long, warm shower or using that new shower gel you just bought can calm down frazzled nerves and help you feel so much more relaxed and peaceful. 

Spend time with nature

Okay, this one might not be possible for everyone, but if you’re in a region where you’re allowed some outdoors time while practising social distancing, make complete use of it. Go on a hike, take a walk outside or even if that’s not possible because you live in a small apartment, consider giving container gardening a shot. Spending time close to nature can be incredibly healing, and that’s exactly what you need right now! 

Practise self-care: Why Lockdown is the Best Time 
woman sitting on a white bed stretching

Catch up on sleep

Oh yes! You knew this one was coming! We all have sleep debts, and this lockdown has presented you with the perfect opportunity to catch up on all that missed sleep. This is one time you don’t have to feel guilty about staying in bed and resting. Remind yourself that you don’t necessarily need to stretch yourself to be productive during this lockdown too- if you’re giving your body rest, you’re still being productive, even if you aren’t actively working. 

Explore creativity

Last but not the least, indulging in a bit of art and craft and letting those creative juices flow can help you take your mind off of the worrisome situation, and help you focus more on the positive side of things. Start small and paint a white coffee mug in your favourite colour or go completely overboard and redecorate your room with DIY projects- whatever you feel like!

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