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Living Alone Can Be Great, But Here’s How To Combat The Loneliness

5th May 2023

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When you are younger, you are likely to be living with at least one person, a parent, guardian or family member. But for many people families come in all shapes and sizes, and it could be that you are always surrounded by at least one person for most of your day. So when the time comes to move on to pastures new, stand on your own two feet for the first time and get a place of your own, it can often feel very isolating and overwhelming. 

Sure the excitement of moving into your own space far outweighs any negative emotions. Living alone means you get to do what you want when you want. You are responsible for everything, which means that you can be much more independent in your daily routine. But after a while in your new place, living alone, there may be times when you feel a little lonely in your own company. So you may be wondering if there is anything that you can do to combat the loneliness that you feel when living alone, so here are some suggestions to consider. 

Combat loneliness and how to live alone

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Make the space feel like your own

Moving into your own home doesn’t have to be a daunting task, getting your own thoughts in order and thinking about it as a positive thing can be part of the battle. One of the best ways to embrace living alone for the first time can be by making the space feel like it is your own.

Thinking about interior design and adding all the touches you have thought out over the years, from that hotel room bedroom that you’d love to wake up to each more as your alarm clock goes off. The perfect opportunity to express your personality through the colours and accessories you add to your new home. Not only will this make your space more welcoming and homely, but will be a talking point when you invite new friends over especially if you are living in a new city and wishing to create a new social circle.

Plan your days and nights 

It’s essential that you start to think about your days and your nights when it comes to living alone, and if you plan for them, then you are less likely to feel alone and at a loss for what to do with your time. The perfect time to grasp your living situation and create a to-do list of things you need to do like paying the utility bills, going to the grocery store and making phone calls etc. But also make sure to plan the fun things in life like reconnecting with your social circle. 

Do routine workouts at the gym or go for a run, head out for walks, schedule TV programs you want to watch and go out to dinner with friends. Make sure you have a full schedule and routine that you can throw yourself into. It leaves you with less time to comprehend that you are on your own as the chances are when you are home, you are tired, just want to relax, or just go to bed. 

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Get a pet

When you live alone it can be a good idea to think about getting a pet. We are social beings after all and the idea of alone time can feel good at first but there is something to be said about coming home to the built-in emotional support of a pet. You may have got yourself an apartment as your first place, so getting a dog, which might have been your first choice of pet is possibly out of the question, but that doesn’t mean to say a cat isn’t.

A cat can be extremely loyal and a great pet to have in your home. It gives you a purpose, a sense of responsibility, and something to greet you when you get home. Ensuring they have what they need for when you aren’t around like a cat bed, litter tray, food, water, and even a realistic cat toy can make them feel happy and content for the time that you spend away from your place. It could definitely be an option to consider. 

Further to that, there are other pets you could think about as well that could provide you with the same level of company but tend to be very low maintenance. Hamsters and gerbils, and even a fish tank. It all depends on the type of pets you like. Another note could be that you could volunteer at your local animal sanctuary or a pet home. Walking the dogs and spending time with the animals could leave you feeling content and happy, and fill up any spare time you did have. 

Start up a new hobby

If you have some free time to use, and you don’t want to feel alone or bored in your personal space, then maybe it is the perfect time to start up a new hobby. Has there been a sports team that you have wanted to join? Do you want to attend a gym class? Maybe you want to be creative so get arty or even start a blog of your own, you could complete an online course and learn a new skill. These are all great things that you could consider doing in your spare time that could definitely fill a void in your life. 

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Get engrossed in the latest box set

A great idea is to get yourself engrossed in a box set when you have some free time. There are so many amazing TV, film, and drama series that you can watch. Game Of Thrones, Suits, and Netflix is always releasing a new one to watch, so you are bound to find something that you like. While it may sound a little strange just watching TV when you feel alone, the box sets and the programs you watch will have you mesmerised and transfixed. Before you realise it you will have devoured three episodes and wondered where the time has gone.

Sharing your thoughts on the latest box sets or series on social media will help you feel connected to your best friends who might be watching elsewhere but still enjoying the show too.

Take turns with your friends to host dinner parties 

The truth is, there are likely to be other good friends of yours that also live in their own place, so it may be time to join forces. Take it in turns to host nights in. It could be a lavish dinner party with nutritious meals that you have learned to create. Or it might just be a pizza and a few drinks in your living room, but it means that you are both being able to spend some time together and enjoy each other’s company without feeling like you are on your own.

Completing the simple tasks of dealing with dirty dishes after enjoying food together will give your extra time together whilst ensuring that the host hasn’t been left with all the hard work.

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Get a roommate

One of the obvious things that you can do when you live alone, and if you have the space for it, is get yourself a roommate. Initially, the idea of living on your own may have been very appealing, but perhaps a live-in partner or a friend who is there when you get home from work or on the weekends will make you feel much better and enjoy the company of others. A roommate could be someone you already know, or you can advertise the room you have for rent. This can also be a big help when it comes to your outgoings, so there could be more benefits than one to consider here. 

Throw yourself into work

Finally, maybe you could use the time you have on your own as a great opportunity to throw yourself into your job or career. Maybe you have the option of working from home, so using the time you have to get a head start on deadlines or even things like work projects that require your attention. There are many things that you can do, and it could help you to advance your career and make some great changes to it.

Whilst throwing yourself into work can be a great way to overcome feelings of loneliness, be sure to take time for yourself and your mental health so as not to feel as though your live to work, rather than working to live.

Let’s hope this has given you some idea of how you can enjoy living alone without it driving you crazy.