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12-month cleaning calendar | July – Tackle the outdoors

3rd July 2022

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July is a big month for summer and one that you will likely spend most of getting outdoors. Your garden is an extension of your home, and throughout the year can often be neglected until the summer starts. Now that the brighter days are here and the long warm evenings, it could be the ideal time to place some focus on your outdoor areas and get them spruced up. Not only will it be a few jobs ticked off your list and ready for the autumn and winter, but it will also be a much nicer space to enjoy. 

There will be areas to clean such as the garden furniture where you can get things clean, but other parts of the garden could also do with your attention. Don’t forget when looking for cleaning products you can check out Dr. Beckmann’s product range to help spruce up your home. So here are some of the parts of your outside space you may want to focus on this month. 

Clean your garden furniture 

One of the main things you might want to focus on is the garden furniture. You will likely want to use this to enjoy the outdoors and also host people for BBQs and summer evenings. Use a brush to get rid of any cobwebs and debris, and then give it a good clean. You can use a jet wash or hosepipe to get rid of any cleaning product residue and then leave it to dry in the sun. 

12-month cleaning calendar | July - Tackle the outdoors - rectangular wooden plant box on table

Jet wash decked areas and patios 

You might want to use this opportunity to jet wash any decked areas or patios that you have. During the winter months, a build-up of moss and even weeds can cause issues with these areas, so you can give them a clean easily with a powerful jet wash. Some say this cleaning method is also very therapeutic as you see the clean decking and patio start to reveal themselves. 

Tidy the garage

The garage can be a dumping ground for many, so use this month as your opportunity to clear it out and give it a tidy. There may be things in there that need taking to your local recycling centre. You could then reorganise it so that some of the things you do need access to will be in easy reach. 

Focus on sheds and storage 

Another part of your outside space is the shed or any other garden storage boxes you might have. A nice day is a perfect chance to pull everything out. It will give you a chance to wash any garden furniture cushions, and also get rid of anything you no longer want or need. Having a clear space will also make packing away at the end of the night much easier. 

Plant some new flowers 

Sometimes a spruce up of the flower beds can be a great way to inject some life back into your garden. A bit of colour could make all the difference. You don’t need to be green-fingered to do this as many garden centres sell easy-to-look-after bedding plants

12-month cleaning calendar | July - Tackle the outdoors

Clear the gutters and drains 

Another job we don’t like to do too often is clearing the gutters and drains, but now the weather has warmed up these areas will have dried out, making it the perfect time to clean them of leaves and debris ready for the autumn and winter months ahead. 

Give the driveway and front paths some attention 

Finally, the driveway and front paths could also do with some attention. Give them a brush or even use the jet wash to get them looking clean and presentable. 

Hopefully, these suggestions will help you to tackle the outdoors this month.