10 ways to decorate a studio apartment

7th May 2018

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When it comes to decorating a studio apartment it requires a lot of thought, but what matters is giving every little space its own function. Studio décor involves putting a bedroom, kitchenette, and a living into one small space. Small spaces can be made to look bigger if you know the trick of utilising multipurpose furniture.

Arranging furniture in such a way it divides your studio into three ‘sub-rooms’

The main room of a studio has a bedroom, living room and a kitchen. You can create the illusion of three rooms by knowing how to arrange your furniture. Couches and armchairs can make up a living room area while the bed can separate the sleeping area from the living room. Rugs, coffee tables, and shelves can make your studio look more organized.

Place the bed directly against a wall

Put the bed to be parallel or perpendicular to the wall. If the bed is placed at the center of the room the room will so small and packed up. If space is so minimal then it’s important to consider a pull-out bed.

Think vertically with storage space

A key part of this décor is the utilization of space. Get most out of your shelves by choosing the ones that are tall and thin. A large bookshelf can help in separating the sleeping area from the living area. Placing high shelves above your doorways and windows can bring the illusion of a big space since your eyes will be high up.

Choose furniture with visible legs

When decorating your studio room choose chairs or couches with visible legs to bring a feeling of light.

Clear pathway

Putting your furniture in the middle of the studio room will block your space from one end to the other. Pushing your furniture to the edges of the room will maximize open space. Test this by moving from one end of the studio to the other and if you manage to move without much struggle then you have a clear pathway.

Strategically place mirrors to make the room larger

Mirrors are a big part of the studio décor because when you place your mirror in the right position it magnifies the room. You can place the mirrors across from the windows to reflect the natural light and to make the room more spacious.

Choose light, neutral colour schemes

Colours are part and parcel of any décor, and they create a sense of balance and warmth. Therefore, if you can paint the walls using neutral colors the studio apartment can feel larger than it is and also bring some warmth.

Vary decoration with textures

Using too many colors is over-stimulating in small spaces, and you will have to be creative when giving your decorations some bit of diversity. It’s advisable to use a singular color theme and mix it up with different textures to make the room more vibrant.

Decorate with bold, dramatic art to make the apartment feel expansive

This kind of décor involves using bold designs with lots of actions. You have to avoid using landscapes or classical paintings. Studio apartments require modern art, particularly pop art.

Avoid using rugs and curtains

While rugs and curtains are necessary for most decors, they don’t work well for studios. Rugs are blocky and they leave little room for furniture making the room look smaller. Curtains make the room stuffier because they eliminate natural light.

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  • Sarah Montgomery 13th May 2018 at 11:36 AM

    I’ve recently moved into my own studio and it feels like a mess and very constricted. So I’ve been looking for anything that helps make it feel more spacious than it is while not looking like a marketplace. Definitely going to implement a lot of your advice. Thanks Sarah!

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