10 Journal Prompts to help you feel more grateful

10 Journal Prompts to help you feel more grateful + Giveaway

26th September 2022

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Journaling is one of the ways that you can actively improve your mental health. It is a moment of reflection, a chance to take stock of your thoughts and feelings and hopefully enable you to channel your thoughts in a different way. However, journaling isn’t something that comes naturally to some people. You might find it difficult to put pen to paper or you might know where to start. However, a journal prompt that you use each day or at any point of the day that you need a moment of reflection can help you to reevaluate how you feel and courage you to make some notes. 

Grateful Journal Prompts

A journal prompt is usually a question or a thought. It encourages you to think about something and to make a note of how that might make you feel, or what you might want to do, for example. Gratitude is a great way to help you feel more positive mentally, and journaling what makes you feel grateful can act as a true reminder of how good things are. With that in mind, here are some journal prompts to help you feel more grateful. 

10 Journal Prompts to help you feel more grateful

Write down three good things that happened to you today

Sometimes the easiest way to initiate gratitude is to think of the good things that have happened. It could be as simple as a quiet moment, an exchange with a friend or achieving something. No matter how big or small, write it down and talk about how it made you feel. 

Note down five things that you are doing well at the moment 

We can often find it hard to be our own cheerleaders. Now is the time to note down your qualities, and the things you are doing well at the moment, and celebrate the little wins. 

Did you do something great today? What was it?

There will always be a moment when you are doing great things. So celebrate yourself. What did you do that was great today? You might have made someone smile, or done a good deed.

Think of three people you love and write down why you feel grateful to have them in your life

We will always have significant people in our lives, so if there are people you love and feel grateful for journal about them and share why you love them and feel grateful to have them in your life. You might want to list the qualities they have and how you could incorporate those into your own life. 

What things are causing you to feel stressed? After each one write down what you can do to change that

Stress is often a leading cause of us feeling anxious and ungrateful with things in our lives, so a great journal prompt is to list those things and make a note of how you can change them. Try and show gratitude for having the problem. For example, moving home can cause stress but you can feel grateful to be in the privileged position of moving house. 

10 Journal Prompts to help you feel more grateful

List the things that you feel grateful for in everyday life

What do you feel grateful for daily? Is it that cup of coffee your partner makes you each day? Maybe it is having your evening meal cooked for you. Going to a sports class or socialising with friends. Whatever it is, explain it and feel all of those feelings of gratitude while you do it. 

What made you smile today?

We can often be too focused on the negative parts of the day so what made you smile today? A hug, a compliment, feeling organised. It could be anything. 

What could you say “thank you” for today?

Thank you is one of the easiest ways to show gratitude, so a great journal prompt is to think of something you could say thank you for and write it down. Share how it made you feel. The more you are encouraged to say thank you, the easier it can be to express gratitude. 

Who do you appreciate today and why

There will always be people that we appreciate, and a great way to feel good is to show write down how they make you feel and why you feel grateful to have them in your life. Maybe it is your partner and you feel grateful for their support each day. It might be a friend, a co-worker, or your children. Journal about who they are and why you appreciate them so much. 

Name three things that always put a smile on your face

Finally, smiling is infectious, so why not journal about the things that always put a smile on your face? There will always be something to share. 

Hopefully, these grateful journal prompts will help you to feel more gratitude in your life.

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