7 Gifts to Keep on Hand in Case of a Gift-Giving Emergency

7th December 2020

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Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a gift-giving emergency? A gift-giving emergency is when you receive a gift from someone that you weren’t expecting, and you don’t have a gift ready in return. This can create quite an awkward and embarrassing situation and one that most people hope to avoid. So let’s prevent this from happening, shall we?

Look below at 7 gifts to keep on hand in case of a gift-giving emergency, and see how easy it can be to find yourself prepared as opposed to embarrassed!


Everyone loves candles, don’t they? You can find a nice jar and multi-wick candles during the holidays for just a few pounds. Keep several of these jar candles on hand with a little twine or ribbon wrapped around them for quick gift-giving. If you wish, you can even hang a gift tag from the twine so all you need to do is fill it in and give.

Bath and body products

Bath and body products aren’t just great for men, but for women too! These products are the kind of item that most people won’t spend money on for themselves, which is why it makes a nice gift. Consider hand lotion, body wash, bubble bath, dry shampoo, face scrubs, face masks, and other bath and body products.

gift-giving emergency

Journals and pens

A journal is a nice gift because as the new year approaches, people tend to write down goals for themselves. Consider keeping some simple journals on hand paired with dollar store pens. You can even escape the room quickly and write a note to the recipient on the first page to make it more personal.

Misc. cafe gift cards

Keep a couple £5 or £10 gift cards to a local cafe or coffee shop. These are nice because not only does everyone love coffee, but everyone loves gift cards! If you wish, you can even keep some decorative mugs on hand to tuck the cards into. This is such a quick, easy, and practical gift.

Whimsical socks

The gift of whimsical socks are great for the friend or neighbour who is quirky. Plus with the cooler holiday months upon you, socks are a much-appreciated gift. Find some inexpensive decorative socks and keep them on hand with tiny gift bags. It is a gift that will surely bring out some giggles.

gift-giving emergency - sweet treats

Assorted snacks

Everyone likes food, right? Why not keep assorted snacks such as nuts, chocolate, hot chocolate packets, hard candy, beef jerky, jams, and other easy to store items on hand? You can easily gather up an assortment to place in a gift bag for an easy and tasty gift.

Holiday towels

You can find inexpensive holiday towels and linens all through the holiday season. Keep a few of these towels on hand so you can give them to someone who likes to cook or is into cute home decor. You can always pair the towel with a wooden spoon or another kitchen tool if you wish.

As you can see, these ideas are simple, inexpensive, and quite painless! The next time you receive an unexpected gift, why not be prepared? Consider these 7 gifts to keep on hand in case of a gift-giving emergency, and see how simple it can be to get back on track with your gifting game!

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