Ways to avoid holiday burnout

6 Natural Ways to Avoid Holiday Burnout

4th December 2020

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Holiday burnout is a real thing, and with all the holiday stress we find ourselves under it is no wonder why people are experiencing this burnout earlier and earlier in the season.

If holiday burnout in the form of stress, anxiety, and fatigue have plagued you in the past, consider these 6 natural ways to avoid holiday burnout. Taking care of yourself should be a priority, and it is easier than you may think. Here is what you need to know.

Keep a sleep journal and sleep schedule

Plan for 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Give yourself a nightly bedtime and stick to it. Avoid caffeine and television before bed in order to help your body fully relax. A journal that documents your sleep habits each night can help you look for areas to improve.

Try diffusing natural essential oils

Essential oils can help to both invigorate you and relax you. Diffuse lavender oil to help you relax and fall asleep easier, and citrus oils such as lemon or orange oil to energize you. Dabbing these oils on pulse points can also help when you are in a hurry and don’t have time to diffuse.

Sit in silence – remember that you don’t have to say yes to everything

Chances are, you will get a lot of invitations for Christmas parties and gatherings. There is nothing wrong with choosing a select few and sending your regrets to the others. If you wish, you can send a nice card to the hostess and thank her for the invite. Be selective about what you say yes to, and see what a difference it makes. Sometimes, just a quiet night at home is all your body and soul needs.

Ways to avoid holiday burnout - Christmas cookies

Be conservative with your time – create shortcuts where possible

It can be tempting to want to make everything from hand and scratch during the holiday season. Instead, choose one task that you really wish to do by hand and create shortcuts for the rest. This could mean buying premade holiday cards instead of printing off family cards, or it might mean grabbing ready-made cookies instead of baking from scratch. Choose a few shortcuts that work for you and go with them.

Breathe deep and let go of perfection

Magazines with picture-perfect holiday homes can make you feel less than adequate. Let go of this idea of perfection and find your own level of cosy you are comfortable with. Let the kids help you decorate and don’t worry if the ornaments aren’t even. Put out the decor you love and don’t worry about if it is in style this year. Let go of the idea of perfection and see how it helps.

Exercise your body and mind!

Don’t forget to pencil in some time for simple exercises, such as a walk around the block or 15 minutes on a treadmill. You can also find free workout videos on Youtube should you want to give them a try. Perhaps some stretching or yoga can help you feel more at ease?

Are you ready to actually enjoy the holidays this year? Then consider these natural ways on how to avoid holiday burnout, and see how simple it can be to not just survive the holiday season, but thrive through it!

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