Finding Your Bedroom Priorities

22nd January 2018

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Whether you’re designing a new bedroom or you’re resetting an existing room from scratch, you have some big interior décor decisions to make. The decisions you make are going to be, in part, influenced by your priorities. So, it’s time to make sure your bedroom priorities are in the right place and we’re going to do that by looking at what, exactly, the bedroom is for and, just as importantly, what it isn’t for.

Finding Your Bedroom Priorities

Finding Your Bedroom Priorities

It isn’t for working

If you’re in education, working from home, or you have a passion project you spend a lot of time on, make sure you don’t spend it in the bedroom. Failing to set clear boundaries between personal space and workspace will make it hard to be productive in your bedroom, as well as harder to relax there. If you can, set up a separate home office. If you don’t have a room going spare, keep your workstation out of the bedroom. That’s the only room in the home that’s all yours, after all, don’t share it with your work, whatever it may be.

It is for sleeping

This should go without saying. But people prioritise so many things besides sleep. They will make more space for fancy storage furniture, which leaves less space for the bed, for instance. The choice of bed comes first. Think about your sleep habits and what you can do to improve them. If your current mattress isn’t doing the job, then consider a Hypnos. If you feel like your bedroom is too exposed to light at night time, then consider heavier window treatments that are better at blocking it out. Think about what gets in the way of your sleep and tackle it first.

It isn’t for TV

This will be a controversial point for some, but the science is agreeing more and more with what interior decorators have been saying for years: the bedroom is no place for a TV. For one, it takes space that could go to a mirror, storage, or a more relaxing feature wall. But more importantly, having a TV in the bedroom makes it harder to fall asleep and can even contribute to stress. That’s as good a reason as any to get rid of it.

It is for relaxation

Beyond a place to go to sleep, your bedroom should reflect your tastes and your personality right back at you. It should be a place you can get some peace and quiet to yourself, as well as a comfy place to try on clothes and get ready for the day. Don’t forget the fun factor when decorating your bedroom. If you fill it with too many hands-off decorative pieces and try to focus on achieving a particular aesthetic rather than something you feel comfortable with, your bedroom will feel less like your own personal space.

You may not entirely agree with the points above (some people will fight to the death to keep their TV), but hopefully, we have you thinking about your priorities. What comes out on top for you?

Finding Your Bedroom Priorities

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