Bedroom renovations – Don’t ignore the fun stuff

29th November 2017

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When it comes to planning bedroom renovations or transformations it, unfortunately, does involve addressing numerous practical matters. That doesn’t mean you should ignore the fun stuff, the stuff that will make the room its own.  The stuff that will make you smile each time you go in.

Bedroom renovations – Don’t ignore the fun stuff

Colour Palette

Most people have colours they like and colours they don’t like. When it comes to thinking about the colour palette for the room try to also think about the things that interest them and things that don’t.  Each person’s bedroom, or bedroom area, should reflect his or her taste and interests.

For example, a boy who likes green, football, and backpacking could have a sage green room with cream woodwork, cream interior shutters, and cream ceiling. Whilst adding framed football posters and wilderness scenes might be an idea of decorative features. When it comes to bedding you could choose to alternate this between a bold contrasting colour and a Scandi tree design – this will make the room feel different each time you change the bedding.

Whilst painting the walls might be the obvious solution, what about thinking outside the box and adding a wall mural?  With great wall murals for girls’ bedrooms available in a whole host of designs and sizes it allows you to transform a room and give it a feature wall like no other.

Furniture Solutions

Having a blank canvas, or an empty room, in this case, to look at, enables you to think about furniture solutions.  Enabling the best use of the space available, whilst not overcrowding the room so that it is still possible to enjoy the practical space.  Things to think about are how will clothes be stored? Would a large hanging space or a chest of drawers be preferred? Do you have space for both?  Will a desk be required? and a bookcase? What about adding a bulletin board along with targetted lighting options so that illumination is general and even.

Decorative Touches

Hanging pictures usually look best if the bottom edges of the frames are the same height from the floor and level with each other, too. There are exceptions to this and every rule of course. Grouping pictures can have the bottom tier follow the “rule” while all of the other pictures are higher. Pictures hung over a large piece of furniture often looks good higher than the other pictures in the room. As well as being centred. for example, over a chest of drawers, bookcase or bed. Pictures don’t tend to look good if they’re scattered willy-nilly around a room, or if they’re up near the ceiling (unless they’re part of a grouping), or if the height at which they’re hung varies wildly with no rhyme nor reason.

The bigger point is to simply have fun with some of your home improvements. There is no need to look exclusively at practical matters.

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