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15th March 2019

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Get ready to satisfy your artistic side with the amazing guitars that Jonny Quality can only create. If you find the typical dreadnought, auditorium, or parlour-shaped guitars a bit too mainstream and boring for you, then you’d better take a look at the unique cigar box guitars only found at Jonny Quality.

Wait, cigar box guitars? Yes, you read that right. Jonny Quality decided to take a different turn from the usual rounded shapes that you commonly see. Right now, box guitars have gained recognition for its distinctive style and unusual form. Because of this, Jonny Quality has successfully made a name for itself with the exclusive designs found in the acoustic and electric-acoustic guitars on display at their website.

Unique Designs for a Standout

When performing on stage, people will also take notice of the guitar man. Having an extraordinary looking box guitar can certainly grab more eyes especially when it’s designed with an awesome look. Out of ideas on what you want? Have a good talk with Jonny Quality and end up with an amazing and eye-catching cigar box guitar. Definitely something you will never regret!

One customer had said, having one is not enough when you can have the chance to collect so many designs to easily fit the theme of your performance. Now, that’s what we call great quality guitars!

Below are some of the guitars worth checking out only at Jonny Quality’s website.

  • Java Acoustic Cigar Box – made with a beautifully handcrafted birch neck, this 3-stringed guitar has an oak fretboard and equipped with silver hardware. Also, fret marks can be found on top of the neck to make it so much easier for you to play
  • Rocky Patel “55 Anniversary” Satin Cloth Wrap Acoustic Cigar Box Guitars – this exclusive guitar produces an amazing sound and is great for awesome guitar players who are looking for an unusual look since this guitar is wrapped in satin cloth. Also comes with a handmade birch neck, an oak fretboard with 3-strings, and made to play hard
  • Island Jim Electric Cigar Box Guitar – this guitar can definitely catch everyone’s attention because of its unique and colourful design. It has a gorgeous Purple Heart fretboard, a handmade walnut neck and it comes with a piezo pickup that is mounted with a sturdy jack. Now this guitar is definitely a rare gem and a must-have for guitar enthusiasts

Worth Your Money

Jonny Quality not only stands out with the unique guitars that they make, but also with the quality of their products which many people praise and commend as amazing and worth the money. The skilled team behind these exceptional guitars certainly pay attention to every detail. Every guitar they make is distinctive and guaranteed hand-built, which makes it more special.

There are different types of woods that can be used in making a good and durable guitar. With the professionals ready to answer your questions, they can definitely supply you with good resources and amazing options that is suitable to your needs.

Hurry now and grab yours! Your cigar box guitar is waiting for you.

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