Brightening Up Your Autumn Wardrobe

10th September 2018

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After a lovely long summer, the weather is turning. Often at this time of year, we feel a little sad that summer is over because it’s never really felt as though it’s got going. But, this year, it feels great. Summer was fantastic, and most of us are ready for cooler weather. We’re looking forward to Halloween and Christmas planning. We’re excited about eating comforting casseroles and stews and treating ourselves to a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte. We’re eager to snuggle up on the sofa after work in our pyjamas with a hot chocolate and a fluffy blanket. Many of us are also looking forward to boots, chunky jumpers and scarves.

But, autumn fashion isn’t for everyone. Some people love it. They look fantastic in chunky knits, skinny jeans and biker boots. They can pull off a bobble hat, and autumn colours really suit their skin tone. Other people, struggle. They feel like they are spending the whole season in the same dark jumpers and jeans. Here are some great ways to brighten up your autumn wardrobe this year.


If you love jumpers and jeans, stick to them. They are after all comfortable and warm, which should be your priority. But, add some cool accessories for colour and style. Simple ear studs can add a little sparkle when you’ve got a hat and scarf on. When it comes to the hat and scarf themselves, give yourself options. Buy different colours and styles so that you don’t feel like you are wearing the same every day. Changing your accessories is an easy and cheap way to change an outfit completely.

Wear Lighter Colours

Most of us stick to dark colours during the colder months for safety and warmth. But, adding some brighter colours to your wardrobe can help to improve your mood and make you feel better, even when it’s dark and grey outside. Bright coats are often popular, but jumpers, jeggings and boots are also great places to add some colour.

Go Bright on the Lips

Your makeup is another excellent way to change your look, without touching your key wardrobe. Add a splash of colour with a brighter lipstick. This can be eye-catching while making you feel confident and sexy. Just make sure you look after your lips with added balm and the occasional sugar scrub.

Floral Prints

Floral prints tend to be very fashionable is spring and summer. Delicate and soft floral prints on a lighter fabric can be an excellent way to add some boho chic to your summer wardrobe. But, they can work well for the rest of the year too. In autumn, look for reds, oranges and browns, taking your inspiration from autumn trees and foliage. Team these with a velvet base, for added depth and texture. Velvet floral dresses with thick tights and boots can be both warming and fun.

Change Your Tights Up

If you prefer dresses to jeans in the autumn and winter, you might team them with thick black tights. Why not try and mix things up with dark dresses and bright thick tights? These are on show all of the time and make up a large part of your outfit. So, they are a perfect way to add some colour.

Photo Credit: Brooke Cagle Corinne Kutz

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