Tips For Finding Clothes That Actually Fit Properly

6th December 2017

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I’m not entirely convinced there are people out there that buy clothes that properly fit them. I’m sure everyone is constantly buying things too small and squeezing into them, or too big and finding ways to force them to fit. Let’s face it, belts are fashionable, but we shouldn’t ever need one in a practical sense, not if our clothes fit properly!

We all have different problems; some can’t find clothes big enough, some can’t find them small enough, and so on. Regardless of where you fall on the scale, it can be so annoying. You’re sick of buying things online in five different sizes and having to send back all five because none of them fit. Or, wasting money and buying something in the wrong size that you can’t even return.

So, to help ease your pain and suffering, I’ve come up with a few tips to help you find clothes that actually fit properly for once in your life!

Tips For Finding Clothes That Actually Fit Properly

Get Your Measurements Taken

How many of you actually know your proper measurements? In some ways, we only have ourselves to blame for not being able to find clothes that fit. Most of the time, we kind of guess what our waist size is, or guess what our inside leg might be. Normally, we go by trial and error when trying things on. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always yield accurate results, and what if we drop a size or go up one? Some people wear the same size even though it might not fit as well as it once should. By going to a store and getting your measurements taken, you’ll have accurate figures at your disposal. You’ll finally be able to choose sizes with confidence, knowing that you’ve actually been measured for once. This should go a long way to helping you find the right sized clothes.

Look For Special Brands Or Collections

Thankfully, a lot of brands are cottoning on to the problems the majority of us face. To be honest, it’s baffling that it’s taken some of the big names in fashion this long to release special collections. When you’re on a website, look to see if they have special collections like petite, big, tall, and so on. This is where you might find clothes that are more specially designed to suit a person of your stature. Likewise, there are brands like City Chic that base their entire existence on catering to people that normally struggle to find clothes that fit. Hopefully, looking at these types of clothes will help you find some that aren’t too small, aren’t too big, and fit just right.

Take Your Washing Machine Into Account

We’ve all been there, you buy an item of clothing that fits reasonably well for once. You can’t really believe your luck as you walk around with a nice snug fit. Then, you throw the item in the wash, and it comes out in a different size. Listen, things will most likely always shrink a little bit in the wash. If you’re tumble drying the item too, then there’s even more chance of shrinkage. My advice is to take this into account when choosing your clothes. If anything, air on the side of caution and buy something just slightly bigger than that really snug size. Then, after the first wash, you’ll have an item of clothing that fits a lot better.

Understand The Fit

I remember the good old days when there were only one style and one way of wearing something. These days, the same item of clothing is available in multiple fits. You’ve got slim fit, oversized, skinny fit, muscle fit, and many other options depending on what you’re looking at. Now, be aware that certain sizes could fit differently when looking at different styles. If you buy a small top in a slim fit, it will be a lot smaller than a small top in the oversized fit. So, make sure you understand what you’re buying before you buy it. If you want your top to fit nice and tight to your body, then don’t buy oversized as you’ll never find clothes that fit properly. Pay attention whenever you buy something to make sure you don’t accidentally buy something in the wrong fit.

Now, armed with these tips, you can go out there and finally find clothes that fit properly. You won’t have to rely on a belt to keep your jeans up. You won’t have to try and stretch out your top, so it fits better. Your fashion life will be changed forever. Okay, maybe I’m a tad dramatic, but I do think these tips will help you buy better clothes and no longer stress about buying the wrong size.

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