A Healthy Kitchen Is A Happy Kitchen

25th January 2018

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If you were to close your eyes and think about healthy eating, your brain would probably get flooded with images of kale and avocados and walnuts and salmon fillets and all sorts of delicious and nutritious foods, and rightly so. The first step in the healthy eating marathon is all about picking the right foods. But another hugely important piece of the puzzle is creating healthy habits, and that is where having the right gizmos, gadgets, and tools on hand can really come into play.

The secret to a happy kitchen is a healthy kitchen, and that means having the kind of bits n’ bobs that will make healthy cooking an absolute breeze.

With this in mind, we’ve pulled together a list of amazing kitchen gadgets that will encourage you to embrace a healthier lifestyle from your plate up. So, it’s time to break the takeaway after a long day at work habit and start whipping up five-star meals on the fly.

  1. What’s Cooking, Good Looking

You may not have realised this, but the pots and pans you are using may be toxic enough to turn a healthy meal into a recipe for disaster. Yeah, that’s right, a lot of traditional cookware – pure aluminium, copper and even some Teflon non-stick – could be releasing harmful chemicals into your food, which is why we recommend your first pitstop toward healthy-kitchen-ville is stonefryingpans.com. As you’ll find out, cookware has seen a revolution and, these days, the healthiest pots and pans are coated with complex premium materials such as stone, diamond, marble, ceramic, titanium, and porcelain. The reason: to stop harmful effects from getting into your food.

  1. Swirls And Curls

You may not want to hear the word revolting when it comes to a kitchen, but that is exactly what the spiralizer is – it’s revolting. It’s revolting against white carbs, it’s revolting against heavy spaghetti dishes and it’s revolting against the status quo. And how is it doing this? Simple. It lets you turn incredibly yummy and healthy foods like zucchini and cucumber and sweet potato (and whatever else you fancy) into healthy spaghetti options. Yup. You can take that heavy pasta that’s refusing to let you lose weight and replace it with zucchini spirals instead; that means you get all the delicious flavors of Italy without having the extra weight to prove it.

  1. Avo-Go At This

The day of the avocado is well and truly here, and too right. This is a super-food in every sense of the word. It’s super good for you and it’s super tasty too. It’s a win-win. The problem is, digging that tasty food out from its peel isn’t as easy as those cooking shows you watch make it look. In fact, there has been a distinct rise in avocado related injuries. Well, to avoid all this hassle and danger, what you need is an avocado cuber. You’ll have perfect pieces of avocado in a matter of seconds, which means creating gorgeous salads can be done in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

  1. Centerpiece Like No Other

The tastiest, yummiest and healthiest meals are always the most fiddly to make, even so-called easy dishes liked deliciously stuffed peppers and tomatoes. It’s a catch 22. Well, the answer to all this is a pepper corer. Yup, it’s a thing, and it works wonders too. Stick it in, twist it and out comes the core and all those pesky seeds you hate having to mess around with. Just imagine how handy this could be in your day to day life. You get back home late having had a crazy busy day at work, but instead of having a yukky microwavable meal that’s full of nasties, you get to stuff the shell of a delicious veg with whatever you want as soon as you want. It’s a modern-day miracle.

  1. Let off Some Steam

Steamers are great. Everyone wishes they could have a steamer, and that’s because steaming foods is the healthiest way to enjoy whatever it is you want for dinner, whether that be fish, chicken or veg. The problem is a) it takes time and b) you can only steam one thing at once, so what’s the point? Well, why not grab yourself a double steamer – one with two levels – and enjoy super healthy dishes in your microwave. It could be an entire meal, like salmon and veg, or you could just make super healthy veggie dishes, such as a scrummy curry. Mmmmmmm.

  1. Save The Flave

One of the biggest kitchen frustrations is that moment you open the fridge and see that your herbs and veg have started to wilt and fade and lose their flavor. It’s gutting, it really is. But there is a solution to this sad moment and it is called a herb saver. Whatever it is you want to keep – rosemary, asparagus, basil, anything – you just stick it in the herb saver and it will stay as fresh as fresh can be for up to three whole weeks. Translate that into a real-world scenario: you’ll be able to cook a delicious chicken, chorizo and herb dish for your friends without having that panicked moment before rushing out to the shop in a fluster. Come on, we’ve all been there.

  1. Going Greek

Like so many people out there, we’re addicted to Greek yogurt. We are. We love it. We can’t get enough of it. Of course, that fact on its own isn’t a big deal; it only becomes an issue once you factor in how much Greek yogurt costs in the grocery store. As such, we’ve gotten into the habit of making our own. Oh no, it’s not hard; it’s actually really-really easy. You just need a Greek yogurt maker. Have one of these and you are only like two-steps away from having an endless supply of totally mind-blowing and unbelievably healthy Greek yogurt. What’s more, you can use any milk you like. It could be almond milk or soy or any variety of your choosing. It’s amazing.

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