Why a home needs more than one TV

13th April 2018

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A television screen, or tele as it is commonly known, is a staple in every household. How else are you going to watch the soaps?! A TV is a fantastic way to relax, not to mention an excellent way to keep the kids occupied. For those parents whose children are still on their Easter break, you’ll understand. More than one screen, though, seems like overkill. After all, you’re not running a cinema or trying to create a man/lady cave. Get rid of the extras and save money, is the theory, and it’s true. Here, however, are the reasons why the money is usually worthwhile.

Peppa Pig

For some reason unbeknownst to the adult population of the world, the pink pig has skyrocketed in popularity. Kids in Britain, America, Israel, and Australia all tune in to watch the trials and tribulations of the whole family. So, the odds are high that your little ones are hooked too. It’s nice to have a fallback option, but too much Peppa is enough to drive any parent mad. Sometimes, it’s nice to leave the kids to their devices and slope off to run a couple of errands. If there is a TV set in the kitchen, it makes ironing all the easier.


Parents whose kids are older have a different dilemma – they have nothing in common. Okay, so there are lots of things you all love, but television tastes tend to range based on age. As they are in their teenage years, it will be all Marvel superhero series and hip entertainment programmes. Again, no one can sit and watch this nonsense without going insane. The good news is that in the next room there is another screen. Even better, Aerial Force will hook it up to a Sky box so that you can surf channels in peace. Considering the freedom it gives, the multiroom option is quite cheap.


Nope, this isn’t a reference to the hit BBC show featuring Benedict Cumberbatch. Instead, it’s a shout out to the Arthur Conan Doyle sleuth, the man whose skills every parent has. It’s true – mums and dads are like amateur private eyes, always checking up on their offspring. Facebook and Twitter make it easier than ever before, yet a TV set can still come in handy. While the multiroom option allows you to watch programmes separately, it also lets you monitor their usage. Anything which is too much can be nipped in the bud as soon as possible.

Me Time

All of the above involve other people or running errands at the same time. Sometimes, a mum has just got to be on her own with a glass of wine in hand. Of course, with a school of kids and a partner, it’s difficult to plan a relaxing session in front of the boob tube. However, with a TV set in a far-flung room of the house, you can enjoy time alone without being disturbed. Sure, it may not be worth the money now, but you’ll thank your lucky stars when it finally happens.

Can you think of any other reasons to have more than one television?

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