Genius Hacks For Streamlining Your Bedroom

Genius Hacks For Streamlining Your Bedroom

28th August 2023

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If your bedroom often looks cluttered, you’re not alone. Thousands of people across the country struggle to keep their rooms neat and tidy. In many cases, it’s just all too easy to let them go. 

The trick, here, is prevention, not cure. Streamlining your bedroom makes it far more manageable and prevents it from turning into a bombsite by midweek. 

Streamlining your bedroom? What you need to do

Genius Hacks For Streamlining Your Bedroom

Adopt No-Fuss Decor

Many people overthink their bedroom décor, believing that the room has to reflect their personality or be a sanctuary where they can recover from the stresses and strains of the day. But if you’re trying to streamline the room, being overly elaborate probably isn’t such a good idea. 

The trick here is to adopt no-fuss décor. Forget the bright colours and oversized mirrored ornaments. Instead, stick to the basics: a bedside table, vanity, lamp, and chest of drawers. That’s all you really need. 

Adjust Your Furniture To Your Room, Not The Other Way Around

There isn’t much you can do about the size and shape of your bedroom. However, you can adjust your furniture. 

We’ve all walked into bedrooms where the wardrobes are too big, or the door bumps into the bed as you open it. These are all examples of cases where people have bought standard furniture items and attempted to shoehorn them into rooms that can’t really accommodate them. 

The advice here is simple: do it the other way around. Adjust your wardrobes so that they fit the available space in your bedroom. Avoid awkward layouts and unused alcoves.

Plan The Layout In Advance

You don’t have to rush into a bedroom renovation project, ordering furniture off the internet before you’ve considered the size and shape of the room. Instead, you can take your time, carefully planning out where everything will go and checking if it all fits. 

Planning the layout is actually quite easy once you have the measurements of all the furniture. You can either sketch a diagram yourself, or you can use a computer program to map everything out for you. You want to avoid situations where a double bed get pushed right up against walls, or doors won’t open properly because there is a table in the way. 

Genius Hacks For Streamlining Your Bedroom

Find Space In New Places

Fitting all your possessions into a small bedroom can be challenging. There’s never enough space for all your shoes and coats. That’s why it’s a good idea to get a little more creative with your use of space. Instead of arranging your bedroom in a standard format, ask whether you could make better use of the vertical space or make existing areas work harder. 

For instance, if there’s a gap between the top of your fitted wardrobe and the ceiling, ask whether you could install new cupboards for items you don’t wear that often. Also, check the space at the end of the bed. You might have room for an ottoman with a storage compartment. 

Ultimately, streamlining your bedroom requires a little creativity and willingness to take risks. However, the rewards are worth the effort.