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Snap, Crackle, and Pop: 6 Ideas to Make the Fireplace the Focal Point of Your Living Room

24th August 2023

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Lots of homes are far more modern in their designs. If you are looking to create something classical and cosy you need to reinvigorate those focal points of your living room. Your fireplace should be the focal point of your living room because it can add so much visual interest to the space as well as warmth and that desired cosiness. But what can we do to turn our fireplace into that essential focal point?

How to make the fireplace the focal point in a room

chairs inside living room - 6 Ideas to Make the Fireplace the Focal Point of Your Living Room

Incorporate Nature

If you have a nature theme in your property and there’s lots of plants or upcycled furniture, you could incorporate nature in a number of different ways. Natural elements like branches, plants or logs can create that connection between the fireplace and everything surrounding it. There’s always professionals like Bespoke Fireplace Designs that can help here but there’s also easy ways to incorporate nature by, very simply, bringing the outside in.  

A Sense of Symmetry

If you are very keen on shapes and or right angles you can provide a sense of balance and order in your household by arranging decor around the fireplace in a symmetrical sense. There’s a lot of design tactics that focus on symmetry not just because it looks good but because it makes you feel better and if you can incorporate decor in a logical way that complements the surroundings you will instantly feel more at home.

Going Minimal

Focal points don’t have to be all singing, all dancing. In fact, they can be as minimal as humanly possible. Lots of modern homes want that clean aesthetic and you can opt for a contemporary design with neutral colours, a sleek look and simple lines that highlight the fireplace as a focal point but in a far more subtle way than if you were to incorporate a number of different colours and textures.

6 Ideas to Make the Fireplace the Focal Point of Your Living Room


One of the most effective ways to ramp up the cosy factor is by adding textures around the fireplace. One of the most common tactics to increase the cosy factor is by placing throws, cushions or rugs around the fireplace. This instantly creates a welcoming atmosphere, especially during the winter months when you can just relax in front of a nice warming fireplace.

Accenting the Aesthetics of the Fireplace

Decorations or accessories are a simple way to ramp up the look of the fireplace. Sculptures, vases or plants on the mantelpiece or on nearby surfaces are an instant winner so you can enhance what your fireplace already has.

Bold Colours

Many people create feature walls with materials like tile or stone drawing attention to the fireplace, but you can also paint the wall behind the fireplace in contrasting colours so you can make it a central point in the room. Depending on your current colour scheme you may benefit from going boulder with starker colour contrasts. On the other hand, if you are opting for a cosier living room, you can use a contrasting colour but opt for warmer tones.

The key to any creative design, especially with regard to your fireplace, is to ensure that you are complimenting the style of your living room, not just the fireplace.