Protecting Your Belongings

Protecting Your Belongings

7th December 2022

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Your home is your castle and when you move into a new place that’s yours you want everything you can to protect it. So, you invest in good home security systems and you put CCTV cameras in place and you add additional lighting to your mixed area. Everything feels good and you feel like you know that your home is protected. 

But what are you doing about your actual belongings? How are you keeping them safe? It can be stressful to think about and essentially can get overwhelming if you haven’t had to look after all of your belongings in that way before, so, whether you invest in good safe installation and repair so that you can have a safe to protect all of your belongings, or you start looking at all of the other ways you can keep your belongings safe we’ve got some suggestions for you. Let’s take a look below.

Ways you can protect and keep your belongings safe

Protecting Your Belongings
  • Invest in a safe. We just talked about safe installation and repair, and there’s a good reason for it. Having a safe installed in your home is going to definitely keep your belongings in one place and it’s going to keep them as safe as possible. You will know exactly what it’s like to have your belongings kept to one side and know that nobody can access them when you have a safe installed in your home.
    Everything that’s precious to you can be stored here, and this will ensure that your belongings stay in one place at one time. They are not easily broken into and even if they are bolted in nobody can take them away.
  • Mark all of your things with a UV pen. It’s actually a very smart way to keep your belongings safe, from your passport to your handbags, use a UV pen to write your signature or draw a shape on them so that you know that they are yours. If things go missing, the police managed to recover things from a recent raid or somebody has tried to pawn your bags, you can prove that they are yours by shining a UV light on them and proving your ownership.
    Regular markers can work but most people don’t want to draw over their things with a marker. Plus, burglars can see the marker and rub it off. With UV pens, they won’t know that your things have been marked, therefore they wouldn’t think to look for any marks on them at all.
  • Invest in a good security system. You may already have house alarms and CCTV, but it’s always worth looking at your current security system and learning how you could do better. A good security system will ensure that your home is protected and the alarm will go off should something go wrong. You also have that added Peace of Mind that eases the anxiety that comes with worrying about your home being burgled.
  • Pay for contents insurance. If you want to protect your belongings it is not just about keeping them from burglars. Content insurance is going to keep everything you own safe and should something go wrong from fire or flood to theft, you’ll be able to gain a return on your original investment and get your money back. Even if you can’t get your things back at least you can get that back instead.