5 Natural Remedies For Bad Odours In Your Home

5 Natural Remedies For Bad Odours In Your Home

1st April 2022

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So, are you fond of using commercial, store-bought air fresheners in your home? It’s time to ditch them. Even at low levels, air freshener exposure has various adverse health effects such as mucosal symptoms, respiratory difficulties, asthma attacks, and migraine headaches. There are cheaper natural alternatives you can make at home to keep your interior surroundings wafting with flavourful freshness. Here are some natural remedies to give your home some fragrance.

Natural remedies to help with odours in your home

5 Natural Remedies For Bad Odours In Your Home


This should sound exciting if you’re a coffee lover. Aside from giving your body an energy boost, coffee can also work as a fragrance-filled air freshener. Set bowls of freshly ground coffee in any area of your home with a foul smell, and enjoy as the sweet scent of your coffee drives out any odour in your home, leaving your home smelling like fresh morning delight. 

Oranges in cinnamon water

Another hack you can try is simmering hot water in a pot on a stove, adding several slices of oranges and some cinnamon sticks, and allowing them to settle. If cinnamon sticks aren’t available, you can use a few tablespoons of cinnamon powder instead. When your mixture simmers, turn off the heat and allow your pot to sit in your preferred location for as long as you want. Next, enjoy the delicious scent of orange and cinnamon emanating from your pot and spreading across your home. 

Orange peel candles

You can try using an orange peel candle for rooms in your home with a bad odour. To make this unique candle, simply remove the edible insides of the orange, being careful to leave the middle stem-like portion intact. Leave your orange peel looking hollow, and pour a small amount of any oil of your choice into it. Once done, light the exposed stalk as you’ll do with a normal candle. Your orange peel candle can burn non-stop all day, leaving your room smelling pleasingly fresh. Another great advantage of using an orange peel candle is that it can help drive away annoying mosquitoes. That means you can relax under your home’s awnings, enjoy the freshness and feel safe.  

5 Natural Remedies For Bad Odours In Your Home

Create a dried herbal potpourri

You can also create a pleasant potpourri., taking advantage of a blend of pleasant-smelling flowers, herbs, and essential oils. Thankfully, there are loads of options to choose from when it comes to fragrant flowers, and you can go ahead and add a number of your favourite herbs and essential oils. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between moist or dry potpourri recipes. But one thing is for granted – your home will smell amazing. 

Use natural scented candles

Natural candles serve two main purposes. They create a cosy and inviting interior ambience with their inviting glow. Two, they offer a great scent that can reduce odours. Since you’re more focused on the latter purpose, you can find various flavours you love to create your own scented candles at home. You can go online to find various amazing processes and recipes you can use to make your candles and create a unique fragrance at home.