Hygge Your Home Ready For Winter

Hygge Your Home Ready For Winter

23rd November 2021

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I hope that these suggestions help you Hygge your home this winter and to embrace the change of the seasons feeling your happiest and most content.

Summer has come to an end, and with that comes the countdown to fall and winter. These can often be two seasons that a lot of people love and I for one can see why. While it is great to be enjoying the great outdoors in the summer months, where you can enjoy good weather and eat al fresco, there is also something about hunkering down for winter and enjoying the time at home. 

Hygge is something that many people have been taking on board when it comes to their approach to winter and also their actions in the home. For those that are too familiar with Hygge, here is a bit of a breakdown. Hygge, pronounced “Who Guy” is a Danish and Norwegian word for describing the mood of cosiness. It focuses on creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, taking into account how you feel, and making sure you surround yourself not just with good people, but with the things that make you feel good in your life.

Surprisingly, the Danish are supposed to be seen as the happiest people in the world, and it comes down to this way of life. As the weather is about to turn, I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can Hygge your home and your life ready for the winter months ahead. 

Checking your heating and air conditioning systems

One of the first things to consider doing would be to check your heating and air conditioning systems. You may have used it a little over the summer, but many people avoid them and tend to try more natural ways of keeping their home cooler. The chances are, it may not have been used, and your heating side of things certainly won’t have been. So you may want to get some specialists booked in to do some air quality testing to see if there is anything that needs to be done. This avoids you having a big panic when it comes to needing your heating on a particularly cold day and knowing that things will work seamlessly. 

Changing up your cleaning schedule

It might be time to think about changing up your cleaning schedule to ensure that you cover some of the jobs that you perhaps didn’t need to necessarily focus on during the summer months. Cleaning can get a little more involved as you start deep cleaning areas such as your bathroom or kitchen. It could be that you use the fall months to start minimising and decluttering your space. There are certainly different jobs that you could be doing, and having a schedule in place can help you to ensure that you stay on track with what’s needs doing and what doesn’t.

Hygge Your Home Ready For Winter

Decorating your home for the cosy season

There are some fun factors to help you get your home ready for winter, and using Hygge as inspiration, you can really make the most of the colder season. Things like decorating your home with things like extra blankets and cushions, perhaps changing the colour scheme for something a little more autumnal, or even just making things feel more inviting and cosy. It is all about the art of inner happiness, and sometimes there is no better feeling than relaxing on your couch, the room is warm, you are comfortable and you feel content. 

Creating the right atmosphere 

It isn’t just about the look of your home, and the physical aspects of feeling comfortable, it is also about the atmosphere you create. Lower lighting as the nights get longer and darker is a great way to create the right sort of atmosphere. It could be that you use things like candles, change bulbs in your home for a warmer glow, or take advantage of an open fire you have or a wood-burning stove. Also, think about your senses, and the use of your sense of smell to help create the right atmosphere. Essential oils, scented candles, and things like reed diffusers are great ways to do it. 

It’s all about the comfort food

Food is another important aspect of Hygge. Not only do certain foods like freshly baked bread or things you bake in the oven can fill your house with wonderful scents and smells, but they also help towards your feelings of content. Eating food that tastes great as well as makes you feel wholesome and full is a great aspect of Hygge. It isn’t necessarily about eating things that are bad for you, although things in moderation are never going to be a bad thing, you can make things like soups or pasta bakes that give you all of the comforts and are good for you too. 

Hygge Your Home Ready For Winter

Think about your attitude and approach 

You can take care of all the physical aspects of Hygge when it comes to your home, but you also need to think about your approach and attitude as well. Otherwise, the rest of it will be all for nothing. Think about how you feel, your thoughts, and your mindset. Focusing on happiness and how it makes you feel. Think about the way you talk to people, invite people into your home and socialise. Do the things that make you happy and feel good. No one can pour from an empty cup, so fill yourself up with all of the good things that make you happy. 

Different activities you can do with the family

Finally, enjoy some of the things you can do in your home as a family. A weekly movie night, a night where you switch off the technology and just play cards or board games, it might even be just some time chatting or eating meals at the table instead of separately. The small things can be the biggest things, and help you to feel content and happy in your home.